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By | November 2, 2022
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QueueKiosk™ Release by DynaTouch

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Since its initial deployment in 2017, QueueKiosk has become DynaTouch’s most successful self-service solution. These days, for many businesses, the customer experience begins before visitors even step foot in the building; QueueKiosk has historically helped manage customer flow in-office by eliminating the paper sign-in sheet, but what about customers who need to schedule appointments or get in line ahead of time? Evolving technology, especially since 2020, has demanded substantial improvement to worldwide customer service processes—they need to be more convenient and accessible than ever.


QR Code features were introduced to QueueKiosk in 2021, allowing customers to check in anywhere ahead of time, and greatly reducing lobby congestion. The features also provide a way for customers to complete the check-in process entirely from their phone for a fully contactless experience.

The QR code features solved an urgent pain point for DynaTouch customers, but QueueKiosk still required improvements that would best be achieved by releasing a major product update.

In July 2022, DynaTouch launched an update to its QueueKiosk solution which, along with many other significant performance enhancements, now offers integration with Setmore appointment scheduling software. DynaTouch customers had their voices heard and can now view third-party appointment information straight from their QueueKiosk dashboard.

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The new cloud-based QueueKiosk solution offers increased security and brings a brand new, more intuitive look and feel to the product.

In addition to appointment scheduling integration, the update brings valuable enhancements like an improved agent dashboard, new reporting functions, and more customization options than ever across the entire user experience.

For customers that do not wish to include kiosk hardware with their solution, DynaTouch now also offers Q’ssentials™: The hardware-less version of QueueKiosk which can be implemented within a much shorter timeframe.


DynaTouch customers have been eager to migrate their QueueKiosk systems to the new version and begin integrating their appointment scheduling engines.

“With this QueueKiosk advancement, we are thrilled to continue honoring the DynaTouch mission to turn our customers’ problems into the best solutions in the marketplace. Our customers asked for improvements, and we answered. And now that our solution is cloud-based, we can deliver future enhancements with no interruptions.” –John Becconsall, Senior Vice President of DynaTouch

It is planned for all current QueueKiosk customers to be migrated to the new system by the end of 2022. The legacy QueueKiosk platform will no longer receive updates as of 01/01/2023.

If you are a DynaTouch customer and would like to schedule your migration or receive more information, please get in touch with [email protected].


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