The Kiosk Market Pivots To Temperature Screening (Interviewed)

Kiosk Temperature Screening Market Report

Report from IPVM July 2020 – By: Isabella Cheng, Published on Jul 28, 2020  – Video surveillance is not the only market that has pivoted to medical device sales (admitted or not). Kiosk suppliers, hard hit by COVID-19, have also joined this emerging segment.

Inside this note, based on an interview with Craig Keefner, the manager of Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) and editor of Kiosk Industry (KI), we examine where the kiosk market was before COVID-19 and how kiosk suppliers have rapidly ramped up temperature screening offerings.

Subjects Include:

  • historic kiosk market overview
  • COVID-19 Impacts Kiosk Suppliers
  • Interview with Craig Keefner

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