The Kiosk Market Pivots To Temperature Screening (Interviewed)

Kiosk Temperature Screening Market Report

Report from IPVM July 2020 – By: Isabella Cheng, Published on Jul 28, 2020  – Video surveillance is not the only market that has pivoted to medical device sales (admitted or not). Kiosk suppliers, hard hit by COVID-19, have also joined this emerging segment.

Inside this note, based on an interview with Craig Keefner, the manager of Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) and editor of Kiosk Industry (KI), we examine where the kiosk market was before COVID-19 and how kiosk suppliers have rapidly ramped up temperature screening offerings.

Historic Kiosk Market Overview

Most kiosks are interactive, segmented into bank, self-service, and vending kiosks.

types of kiosks

Prior to coronavirus, kiosks were most commonly used in retail situations, including in retail stores, self-service restaurants, hotels, airports, and malls.

COVID-19 Impacts Kiosk Suppliers

COVID-19 has impacted kiosk suppliers, as business opportunities dried up when lockdown first started. Shut down restaurants had no demand for or ability to purchase self-service kiosks. Entertainment customers like Disney and AMC Theaters have been shut down over the last few months, decreasing demand for ticketing kiosks. However, as COVID-19 has progressed, business opportunities have appeared in two main categories: contactless and fever detection kiosks.

As businesses reopened, interest in contactless kiosks has grown. FEMA released a COVID-19 best practice document on July 6, 2020 that specifically mentions examples of vending kiosks that dispense food and PPE as a potential best practice. American Airlines has introduced contactless check-in and bag drop kiosks in over 230 airports. By using kiosks to complete transactions, consumers can, hypothetically, cut out human interaction and decrease their risk of exposure to possible infection.

Fever detection kiosks have also become popular offerings. IPVM’s regularly updated “fever” camera directory already lists 60+ tablet/kiosk options.

Interview With Craig Keefner of Kiosk Industry and the Kiosk Manufacturer Association

IPVM talked to Craig Keefner who has been in the kiosk industry for over 25 years. In the industry, Mr. Keefner has worked on developing wedding registry and bridal kiosk solutions for Target. He also spent multiple years as a manager with KIOSK Information Systems and Olea Kiosks Inc.

Mr. Keefner manages the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) and is the editor of Kiosk Industry (KI). The KMA says they are comprised of the 30 largest US kiosk providers and “focuses on ADA, Accessibility, and EMV in the legislative arena” and exists to “clarify the many existing published standards, both U.S. and International as they pertain to self-service.” The KMA and KI are both funded by industry companies, and KI gives sponsors space to advertise and pitch to users.

Mr. Keefner goes on to discuss what the biggest problems are..,

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Another article by IPVM that is recommended covers Chinese company which many “US” Kiosk companies are in fact reselling.


The China Company (Bems) Behind a Dozen+ Western Temperature Tablets

By: Isabella Cheng, Published on Jul 22, 2020 |  

While you have likely seen marketing for various temperature tablets, you most likely do not know the actual manufacturer behind more than a dozen of these.

IPVM Image

We spoke to the company, Guangzhou Bems, and in this report, we examine:

  • The Bems temperature measurement kiosk
  • 14 Western relabellers we have identified
  • The similarities between the products sold by Bems and western relabellers
  • Western relabeller’s markups of the Bems kiosk

Executive Summary

Guangzhou Bems is a Chinese LED screen manufacturer whom IPVM’s research indicates to be the original manufacturer providing kiosks to at least 14 Western companies. They are scattered around the world but are primarily concentrated in North America and the UK.

The average Western relabeller is adding a ~400% markup. While the sample price is $550, relabellers are charging ~$2,500, generating high profits per unit.

Guangzhou Bems Overview

Guangzhou Bems Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its primary business is in manufacturing and selling LED screen products, specifically advertising digital displays. Although Bems did not comment on its revenue, its Alibaba profile lists the company’s annual output value as “US $2.5 Million – US $5 Million.” Guangzhou Bems sells its products in China under the brand “Benshi” and operates under the business trade name “Guangdong Benshi Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.”

While Bems only recently began selling their fever detection kiosk after the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, the company said they have been selling facial recognition access control machines “for a long time.” The sales representative explained their fever detection kiosk product as “simply adding on fever detection capabilities” to their access control devices.

Guangzhou Bems says they have over 100 employees, about 20 of whom are specifically engaged in R&D. Bems told IPVM that their capabilities are diverse and are involved in hardware and software development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales. Bems stressed its R&D capacities, citing its “10+ patents” as evidence.

At Least 14 Western Companies are Relabelling Bems Kiosks

IPVM’s research indicates at least 14 companies are reselling Bems fever detection kiosks as their own product. The companies are listed below:

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IPVM has determined these relabellers primarily by looking at similarities in physical hardware and user interfaces.

Western Relabellers Sell at Significant Markup

Western resellers are selling relabelled Bems kiosks at around an average price of $2,000-3,000, with examples of xxxxKiosk retailing for $2,271.60 USD and aaaaaKiosk for at least $2,599 USD.


On the extreme end, a reseller has priced Bems kiosks at an 800+% markup, such as this cccccKioskt selling at $4,759 USD. The Bems desktop-style kiosk sells for $586 USD.

It’s worth noting that the KMA has identified more than just the 14 who appear to be selling a Chinese product.

The KMA strongly advises due diligence and disclosure from your kiosk provider. KMA sponsors and members adhere to best practices and are always recommended as top tier to purchase your kiosks from.

Not unlike antibody tests, going immediate and cheap more often than not ends up being the more expensive option.

U.K. Paid $20 Million for New Coronavirus Tests. They Didn’t Work.

Facing a global scramble for materials, British officials bought millions of unproven kits from China in a gamble that became an embarrassment.

If you have questions o comments feel free to ask the KMA