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Shell Fuel Rewards Kiosk

The Shell Fuel Rewards® Kiosk was designed to make it easier for Shell customers to join the Fuel Rewards program and activate their Fuel Rewards cards quickly and easily within participating Shell stations. Source: Winner at 2015 ICX awards Post Views: 1,474

Payment Kiosk – C Spire Chooses Source Technologies

Source Tech announced that the wireless communications unit of C Spire has selected its 6-Series BillPay kiosk for in-store bill payments. Source: With a footprint at just over one square foot, the 6-Series kiosk can be placed anywhere within C Spire’s retail store environments without impacting displays or foot traffic flow. The kiosk features industrial grade, long-life… Read More »

Bitcoin Kiosk – ARCA and HP partnership

  Learn more about ARCA here: Since 1998, ARCA has been helping people find better ways to automate financial transactions in bank branches, … Source: ARCA is definitely one of the leaders in financial technology. The Alliance with HP only increases their spread.  Another smart move by a smart company. ARCA Focus Banking – financial institutions.… Read More »

Amazon Conversion Rate posts massive conversion stats

Amazon Kiosks and Automated Retail   Members convert on 74% of the time, Millward Brown says. Source: Dive Brief: Amazon Prime members convert 74% of the time on, says a new study from Millward Brown Digital, compared to 13% for non-prime members. Prime members also showed a preference for Amazon, converting 6% of the time at… Read More »

KIosk pci compliance isn’t enough

PCI Compliance for Kiosks PCI compliance is up — but it’s not enough to protect retailers from fraud. Source: nrfcom So you built an 8 foot wall guess what? somebody will build a 10 foot ladder. PCI Compliance for Kiosks Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, from retail to healthcare to hospitality. While kiosks… Read More »

​Interactive Kiosks for Family Gaming Venues

Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. have partnered with game developer Creative Kingdoms to create interactive gaming kiosks for children.


“Working with Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. has really helped us to take our game play to the next level,” Creative Kingdoms Senior Vice President Melissa Blettner said in the release. “With the combination of virtual environments on the interactive kiosks and our physical effects, our games have become a more immersive and engaging experience. The streamlined design and production of the kiosks has allowed us to expedite our installation process with easy plug and play setup.”

Entrust Datacard announces self-service kiosk-instant issuance

Entrust Datacard has announced the availability of the next-generation kiosk-optimized Datacard® CE870TM instant issuance system that enables financial institutions, retailers, governments and healthcare organizations to instantly issue permanent embossed or flat payment cards or identification cards through a self-service kiosk. Source: “The shift towards a self-service economy has rapidly progressed in the last five years with 40 percent of… Read More »

Kiosk & Self-Service Advisory Panels – At home At work

I’ve been involved in this industry (kiosk) for way too long. A few years back we added self-service, and it seems the entire world is going that direction.  Yesterday I setup my new Amazon Echo. I am the early adopter techno-gheek running too many operating systems. Turns out though that it works perfectly for my wife who basically despises computers but likes good self-service. 24 hours later she is telling me what the Echo can do.A few weeks ago I took my 83 year old mother thru the self-chec