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Charging Kiosks

  • The web page is about charging kiosks, which are self-service devices that allow users to charge their mobile phones, laptops, or other electronic devices.
  • The web page contains news articles, case studies, market reports, and product information related to charging kiosks and their applications in various industries and settings.
  • Some of the topics covered by the web page are:
    • Charging kiosks for events and venues: How charging kiosks can enhance customer experience, increase dwell time, and generate revenue for event organizers and venue owners.
    • Charging kiosks for retail and hospitality: How charging kiosks can attract customers, boost loyalty, and provide data and analytics for retailers and hospitality providers.
    • Charging kiosks for transportation and public spaces: How charging kiosks can improve traveler satisfaction, safety, and convenience in airports, train stations, bus stops, and other public areas.
    • Charging kiosks for education and healthcare: How charging kiosks can support students, teachers, patients, and staff in schools, colleges, hospitals, and clinics.
  • The web page also contains references to external sources, such as industry reports, research papers, and company websites, that provide more information and insights on charging kiosks.

Self-Service Trends Charging

From integrated technologies and expanding payment options, to location awareness and personalization, we take a look at the top ten trends driving explosive growth in self-service. Source: Summary of current areas of “booming self-service” by Vertical Systems Reseller   Need Some Numbers? There are many reports with many numbers and most of them are from research data… Read More »

Charging EV Stations – Peerless-AV and Volta

EV Stations Featuring Peerless-AV’s Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays, the new Volta charging station features a slim airfoil-like silhouette design focused on both user experience and community impact. Throughout the charging process, the station communicates real-time status updates to users using emotive and intuitive external lighting, too. Peerless-AV® and Volta Bring Next Level Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to the Market Partnership redefines… Read More »

ChargeItSpot Adds Loyalty to Charging Stations

New line of phone charging stations incorporates card scanner feature allowing retailers to offer complimentary phone charging exclusively for loyalty members
Philadelphia, PA (…


The charging stations feature a built-in card scanner that enables complimentary phone charging as an exclusive benefit for loyalty card members. The technology also enables clients to collect and append opt-in data – like email addresses and phone numbers – from loyalty members.

Retailers and mall operators aren’t the only ones able to benefit from this next generation of charging kiosk. Casinos, stadiums, and any brand with a loyalty or membership program are prime targets for this new technology. The kiosks can also help drive new loyalty sign-ups. If a customer is not an existing loyalty member, the touchscreen will direct them to the nearest on-site location where they can sign up to become a member, and then get a free phone charge.

Calvin Klein Rolls Out Charging Kiosks to Keep Shoppers Happy

BOSTON, Nov. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers at select Calvin Klein stores will get to enjoy a complimentary phone charge during their shopping experience with Veloxity charging kiosks. Calvin Klein is expanding their in-store experience by deploying charging kiosks to over 9 different retail locations


Calvin Klein’s Director of Marketing, Roland Figueredo who was in charge of the project says; “In the fast paced retail environment, we are trying to meet all of our customers’ needs. From the product we sell, to the shopping experience, we want the customer to feel special.”


He goes on to add: “We are also trying to bring a bit of modern technology and convenience into our stores and these charging kiosks gives us that opportunity.  We are able to give the customer a place to charge their phones, see some branded content and continue to shop…a win/win for the stores and the customer. Working with Veloxity has been a pleasure from day one. They were able to turn this around in a very short time frame and have provided excellent customer service throughout this project. I look forward to working with them in 2017 to expand these into more of our stores in North America.”

Parabit Kiosk Update

New updated page for Parabit, one of our Charter Sponsors. Notable updates — Charging Kiosks and Digital Signage Kiosks and FID Kiosk PARABIT KIOSK SYSTEMS Parabit designs, fabricates, and integrates enclosures and software that allow you to efficiently and effectively authenticate physical identities and manage facilities. Custom kiosk solutions provide comprehensive, enterprise level visitor registration, notifications, tracking, reporting,… Read More »

Veloxity to Feature Phone Charging Kiosks at BizBash NYC

BOSTON, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Veloxity (, a leading provider of commercial cell…


Veloxity sells and rents the kiosks to customers in the event, university, airport, hospital, casino, and restaurant industries. Companies surveyed by Statista said they planned to increase their spending at tradeshows 26%, in 2013. Products such as cell phone charging kiosks fit right in with this trend. The Veloxity charging kiosks include a built-in LCD screen for customizable display ads, branding and sponsorships.


According to the International Associations of Exhibits and Events, the trade show industry has grown at a rate of about 3% per year since 2013. It has grown 3.6% from 2010-2015 in the United States alone, where the industry represents as much as $15 billion in revenue per year. In addition, attendance has been steadily increasing.