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By | September 3, 2015

Do you need custom development for your kiosk project?

As you begin you kiosk project, you may wonder if you need custom development. ¬†Here are a few questions that will help you determine how “custom” your project is, and what level of custom development might be needed.

You will first want to identify the purpose and function of your kiosk.  If your kiosk is intended to provide users with access to an existing website or application, your project likely may not need custom development!  You will want to use kiosk system software in order to lock down your device, but you can configure that software out of the box to secure a website or application. Out of the box kiosk software can provide high levels of customization or can be deployed with only minimal changes Рit is completely up to you.

If your kiosk will require interaction with an input device (you want users to submit payment, for example), you can still make this happen without custom development. ¬†Either identify the external device options you would like to incorporate (make, model, specifications etc), and match that up with the kiosk system software which supports one of the devices on your list. ¬†If you can’t find your device on the supported device list, you will want to reach out to the kiosk system software company to see if the device can be added. KioWare, for instance, adds devices primarily based on customer request and many devices are already supported via existing APIs. ¬† Still, no custom development work is required. ¬†If your timing is tight, and you need your device integration escalated, ¬†payment may be required, depending on the organization with which you are working.

Tips for when you might need custom development for your kiosk project

So when do you need custom development for your kiosk?  You might (definitely) need custom development when you . . .  custom kiosk software development

If you are using an existing website or application but want the information to populate or integrate with a non existent or unrelated database, you might need custom development.  

If you want  fancy attract screens or custom start pages, toolbars, or keyboards, but do not have the development or design resources to create them, you might need custom development.

If your project exists only in your head, and you do not have an existing website or application, you might need custom development.

If you are integrating complex hardware in a manner that has previously not been seen, you might need custom development.

Example custom development kiosk project

Still not sure what a custom developed kiosk project might look like? Here’s one developed¬†by the KioWare Custom Dev team: ¬†¬†Water World Self Service Locker Payment Kiosk

Requesting a quote for a custom kiosk development project

Ready to get started, but not sure what information you should pull together before calling for quotes?  Here is a link to (PDF) questionnaire to assist you with any calls you might make to get an accurate and consistent custom development quote.

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About KioWare Kiosk Software by Aria


KioWare Kiosk Software is a software company based in York, Pennsylvania. They specialize in developing kiosk software solutions that provide a secure and customizable browsing experience for kiosk devices. KioWare offers both Windows and Android versions of their software, catering to a wide range of kiosk applications.

The Windows version of KioWare Kiosk Software is designed to lock down Windows operating systems in a kiosk mode. This ensures that the kiosk device can only be used for specific purposes and prevents unauthorized access to other applications or settings. The software provides a kiosk browser that allows users to access designated websites or applications while restricting access to the rest of the system. KioWare also offers a free trial of their Windows software, allowing users to test its features and functionality before making a purchase.

For Android devices, KioWare for Android Kiosk App is available. This software is designed to secure Android devices in a kiosk mode, locking down the operating system, home screen, and browser. It provides similar features to the Windows version, allowing users to restrict access to specific websites or applications and customize the browsing experience. KioWare for Android is suitable for various kiosk applications, such as information kiosks, self-service kiosks, and interactive displays.

In addition to the core kiosk software, KioWare also offers additional features and services. These include remote monitoring and management capabilities, which allow administrators to remotely monitor and control multiple kiosk devices from a central location. KioWare also provides integration with various payment processors, enabling secure and seamless transactions for self-service kiosks that require payment processing.

Overall, KioWare Kiosk Software provides a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations that require secure and customizable¬†kiosk experiences. Their software helps protect sensitive information, ensures user privacy, and enhances the overall functionality of¬†kiosk devices. Whether it’s for¬†information dissemination,¬†self-service applications, or¬†interactive displays, KioWare Kiosk Software offers a reliable and user-friendly solution.



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