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By | February 8, 2022
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Deli Kiosk and Food Order Stations Costco & Schnucks

Deli kiosk news from Schnucks and Costco by Kiosk Industry.

From Grocery Dive 2/1/2022 and Fox2Now 1/31/2022

Editors Note — It is a stretch to call the Schnuck units kiosks. There is no POS device or printer.  A tablet pinned to the wall (probably from China)

ST. LOUIS – Schnucks is now offering customers its Deli Order Ahead Kiosks in 30 additional stores. The service is now offered in 67 area locations.

Deli Kiosk ADA

They protrude more than 4” into the walkway with nothing below 27” to keep someone from bumping into them…

The kiosks allow customers to order sliced meats, cheeses, and prepared foods while skipping the line at the deli counter.

Customers can enter their phone number and will receive a text when it is ready, instructing them to return to the cooler near the kiosk to pick up their order.

Schnucks shoppers can also place their deli orders using the Schnucks Rewards app. Customers can download the Schnucks Rewards app in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Deli Order Ahead Kiosks Added to 30 Schnucks Stores – 01-31-22

And worth noting these fail ADA (thanks for noting that Olea Kiosks) — They protrude more than 4” into the walkway with nothing below 27” to keep someone from bumping into them…we’ve got solutions for that too…

Dive Deli Kiosk Brief

  • Schnuck Markets has installed self-service kiosks that enable customers to place deli orders in 30 stores, bringing the units to more than half of the Midwestern supermarket chain’s locations, according to a Monday press release.
  • The terminals accept orders for sliced meats, cheeses and prepared foods, with the items delivered to an adjacent cooler for shoppers to pick up at their convenience.
  • Schnucks is increasing its use of the self-service deli-ordering units as retailers look for ways to overcome continuing difficulty in hiring workers to staff their stores.
  • Not very informative insofar as kiosks go
deli kiosk costco food order kiosk gen1

Costco food order kiosk gen1 – Elo, Verifone and Epson

Deli Kiosk Our Take

  • Old concept which has generally failed.
  • Not the first time tablets used for taking orders at Deli. There have been many iterations.
  • The best iteration we have seen would be Costco. I need a hotdog (or slice of pizza).
  • Costco could probably use a digital display to notify customers when their order was ready but then we wouldn’t hear the employee periodically yelling. I wonder how many times that has triggered me to order something.
  • Didn’t see a picture of the cooler they talk about here
  • You get a text msg when order is ready?
  • Last fall, Schnucks said it would raise pay for associates in its deli, meat and seafood departments at least $12.75 per hour, more than the $12.10 hourly minimum wage it announced for other workers.  I think here in Colorado closer to $20
  • Meat and deli workers are more likely to be union so retailers tend to take a different strategy with them.
  • I doubt you ever see this at Wegmans
  • We notice we don’t have a content category for “deli kiosk” as they are rare at best. For this one post we went ahead and made one, just to have one.
  • In Costco the cake ordering station is usually pointed to as “would be ideal for kiosk”“.  It never has been tried by Costo and we wonder what their reasoning is. They know their business so must be a good reason.

More Costco Pictures 

Costco Order Station

Costco Order Station

Costco Order Station

Costco Order Station

Costco Employee Station








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