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By | August 24, 2023
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GRUBBRR does software and more specifically it does the application  and middleware.  On the backend can be any number of POS systems like TOAST, Aloha or many others.

GRUBBRR gained most of its fame via the Samsung Kiosk. But they have been busy in many other ways.  Recently Convenience Stores emerged as new venue for GRUBBRR,  Touchscreens at the gas pump have seen hundreds of iterations, and to date, none of them stuck.  The hope for selling lottery tickets  was replaced by fuel additives with noisy ads that always get the audio turned off.  Gas pumps are a big challenge for environment as well as security.

From Sixteen-Nine — The idea is that it will boost store sales through promotions and upsells on the screen, as well as the simple convenience and speed of ordering items while the tank gets filled, and then walking in and out of the store to do nothing more than pick-up items that are put together by staff and left at a designated area inside. The partners suggest testing has shown the self-order screens have increased sales for promoted items by 50%.

The solution is initially available in select fuel stations across the United States, with plans for global expansion in the future. GRUBBRR, you may recall, is the retail self-ordering software firm that was an early partner with Samsung on its kiosk. Neither the PR or the sales material get into who is supplying the 27-inch displays or media players for this.

One interesting and not at all surprising component of this is the ability to also run advertising on these units. Logic tells me that if a motorist is filling up and watching the screen as it shows the fuel volume and total price read-out on the screen, store promotions or third-party DOOH advertising will run if the shopping functionality is not launched.

GSTV already works with Dover and its main fuel pump competitor Gilbarco, so I am going to assume they are all over this and likely welcome seeing new or modernized stations getting screens that are bigger and brighter. On the other hand, if people shop at the pump does that mean ads don’t run and overall eyeballs counts go down?

Taglines: Because Hunger Can’t Wait, The Easiest Way To Automate Your Business in the cloud

Here is a brief timeline look.

  • Convenience Stores and Gas Pumps — A South Florida tech firm has partnered with a nationwide company to produce new gas station kiosks that will enable customers to purchase other items besides fuel. On Tuesday, Austin-based Dover Fueling Solutions, an affiliate of the Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV), and Boca Raton-based Grubbrr announced that both companies will roll out new kiosks for fuel pumps nationwide.
  • Social inserts and postings — link on MSN in news item on Texas Roadhouse and “secret menus”. For one reason or another, folks are obsessed with the idea of being able to order items off of a “secret menu.” Grubbrr writes that this is more than likely due to the fact that it makes folks feel as if they’re part of some type of exclusive club of people who have access to knowledge that others do not.
  • Acquisitions — Grubbrr, a maker of kiosk ordering software, is acquiring Noble, an ordering app for live events, in a deal valued at $5 million. The deal extends Grubbrr’s reach in the sports and entertainment business and will allow Noble to improve its software, the companies said.
  • Thought Leaders — Robert Irvine signs on as investor.
  • Alliances — June 2023 – GRUBBRR supports Clover now as well as Aloha
  • Alliances — Dec 2022 — Samsung Electronics America has paired its award-winning Samsung Kiosk signature solution with Punchh, the industry leading food and beverage loyalty and marketing platform from ParTech Inc. (PAR), in a new partnership to create seamless customer engagement solutions for restaurants and other key verticals. Designed to improve the restaurant and curbside pickup experience, the partnership will help business owners drive loyalty acquisition and retain new members by increasing overall customer.
  • Projects — July 2022 — case study with BurgerFi goes national
  • Funding — April 2022 — funding comes in from AON  ($35M ntellectual property-based funding arrangement)
  • Partnerships — June 2021 — GRUBBRR Announces Strategic Samsung Partnership for All-in-One Kiosk  (originally they called the KMA kiosk 🙂
  • Solutions — July 2020 — GRUBBRR teams with GardaWorld Cash Services to provide contactless cash solution
  • Funding — Nov 2018 — Touchsuite Announces Strategic Investment in Grubbrr, a Disruptive Kiosk and AI POS Technology Platform — no amount given just “strategic investment”
  • And that’s where the news/Google index ends
  • Nothing in ChatGPT

Manufacturer and Integration Partners

Case Studies

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