Temperature Kiosk Tablet Tested and Scored

New report issued on 9/22 testing the BEMs brand of temperature scanning tablets. Guangzhou Bems (brand Benshi) is the manufacturer behind temperature terminals relabeled by over a dozen Western companies. But how well do they really work?

Do these look familiar to you? Click for full size
Do these look familiar to you? Click for full size

The testing company bought and tested Bems temperature measurement tablet, examining the following:

  • How often did it miss elevated temperatures?
  • How accurate are measurements vs IR thermometer?
  • Can it measure taller and shorter people?
  • How does subject distance to the terminal impact temperature measurements?
  • Do glasses/hats affect temperature measurement?
  • How accurate is mask detection?
  • How much can users configure settings on the device?
  • Can configuration be done remotely?


The testing company IPVM paid ~$600 USD for a Bems sample unit. However, these units are being sold outside of China for about 4x the sample price (e.g., Focused TechnologySupearior) if bought directly from Bems.

Numerous Relabelers

IPVM’s research indicates at least 14 companies are reselling Bems fever detection kiosks as their own product. The companies are listed below:

Problems Found

  • Aggressive Temperature Normalization — presents subjects in the range of 97-98°F despite other devices measuring them at significantly higher or lower temperatures.
  • Missed Elevated Temperatures – the Bems device frequently missed elevated temperatures by several degrees.
  • Hats and Glasses
  • No recommended height or distance guidelines
  • Moving people read differently
  • Facemask and cup of coffee failed

Context for picture below — tester is holding up a paper print out of a face with a hot water pouch behind it and this device thinks its a human with normal body temperature


Size Comparison

The Bems tablet is similar is size to other temperature terminals, such as the Hikvision MinMoe and the ZKTeco 8” model.

No US Support

Guangzhou Bems offers limited global support. While Bems can provide users with an English version of its user manual, its only tech support is China-based and communicates in Chinese. Non-Chinese speaking users outside of China should expect delayed responses due to China’s time difference and a Chinese speaker to help translate technical questions.

Android and App Version Used

The Bems tablet is running Android version 7.1.2 (current Android version 11.0.0), with software using version