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Patient Check-in Kiosk Live Johns Hopkins Medical

Patient Check-in Kiosk

Patient Check-in Kiosk Goes Live at the Johns Hopkins Medical


Craig Keefner‘s insight:

Great information on self-service terminals making a difference in Johns Hopkins Pathology Medical Lab


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CTS to Debut Automatic Kiosk at Epic’s Users Group Meeting


Kandice Sanders

Connected Technology Solutions (CTS)

262-437-8096, [email protected]

CTS to Debut Automatic Kiosk at Epic’s Users Group Meeting

CTS is Re-Engineering their Iconic Patient Check-In Kiosk and Expanding Their UV-C Disinfecting Technology

Menomonee Falls, WI: Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) will join other hand-selected companies at Epic’s annual Users Group Meeting (UGM), where the kiosk manufacturer plans to showcase two newly developed products.

This year, CTS is using the exhibition time at UGM to debut a newly developed kiosk that uses facial detection capabilities to prompt height adjustments, 90 degrees of rotation, and smart privacy panels that turn from clear to opaque when a patient first approaches the kiosk. The company will also be showcasing their tablet kiosks which now integrates with CTS’s proprietary CleanTouch™ UV-C disinfecting technology.

Sulliven Weiss, Research & Development Team Lead at CTS shares, “The team on these developments is helping project CTS into the future in more ways than one. Most kiosks are relatively static mechanical boxes, but we’re approaching this with a more dynamic mindset, using cutting edge automation to our customers’ advantage.”

About Connected Technology Solutions: Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) is the thought leader in branded user experiences including point of purchase kiosks, digital signage, interactive displays and retail fixtures, with an extensive roster of clients in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation industries and more. Recognized for its outstanding creative talent and innovative engineering, the Wisconsin-based company has won numerous prestigious awards for its customized software and hardware design, implementation, and customer service and support since its founding in 2002. CTS is the parent company of CTS Healthcare Services and Mighty Touch. For more information, visit

Self-Service Kiosk Cleanliness – Considerations Before and After Deployment

Self-Service Kiosk CleanlinessSelf-Service Kiosk Cleanliness

Left unattended, interactive kiosks can get dirty, inadvertently turning off potential users. Read about best practices for keeping a kiosk clean.


One takeaway — A best practice example would be to adopt the same cleaning schedule as your customer counter.  In the morning wipe the kiosk touchscreen with something like Easy Screen and ideally at the end of business wipe it again.  Every day. Also any contact points, and while you are at it, do your mobile phone too!

Carle Moving High Tech With More Check-In Kiosks

Carle Hospital is advancing their transition to automated check-in kiosks for patients.

With more than a million visitors every year, Carle is looking to buy more kiosks to further improve patient convenience, privacy, and efficiency.

Right now there are 28 in use, but Cheryl Staske, Director of Patient Access, said they are making upgrades and looking to implement more across the county.

“It adds that level of privacy that patients sometimes feel uncomfortable speaking about private information in front of other people,” she said. “It’s a way of the future I think our world is going more high-tech.”

Each kiosk costs upwards of $10,000 dollars.

Carle is hoping to implement about a half a dozen more.

Olea Showing New Healthcare Offerings at HIMSS

Note: Olea announces new healthcare products at HIMSS 2017 and includes new models for patient check-in. New tablet offering will be there with telehealth telemedicine demo.  


New Healthcare Kiosk, Telemedicine Telehealth and Tablet Products at HIMSS

Olea Kiosks has announced it will launch an all-new line of healthcare kiosks for patient check-in at HIMSS 2017 next week in Orlando, Fla.  Booth 4379.

The company’s healthcare kiosks have completed millions of patient check-ins across the U.S. for leaders such as Kaiser-Permanente, Cedars-Sinai, BlueCross BlueShield and others.

“Healthcare is very important to us,” said Frank Olea, CEO of the Los Angeles-based tech and manufacturing company.

“It’s a huge opportunity right now to do great things and really make a difference in the way patients interact with their providers, and the way providers can streamline the business side of their facilities and become more competitive.”

That’s why his company decided to invest the time and other resources to improve their product line, focusing on two models the company believes will lead the industry going forward.

“After last year’s show, we examined our existing products, the needs we were meeting in the market, and how we could serve the market better. This year, you’ll see the results of that thinking.”

The 2017 Olea Kiosks healthcare line includes:

Verona—Olea’s flagship model. Verona includes a powerful set of features with the industry’s only no-effort height-adjustability to ensure the kiosk can be accessed easily by all patients, whether standing or in a wheelchair.Verona Healthcare Kiosk Patient Check-in Self-Service

“There are other kiosks on the market that can be raised and lowered, but we believe the strength required to move the monitor could be too much for some frail or elderly patients—some of the people who most need the functionality,” Olea said. “Ours requires no more than the push of a button to raise or lower the screen over a true 10-inch vertical range.”

What’s more, because Olea has expertise in working with kiosks across multiple industries, it’s been able to keep the cost of Verona to thousands less than some competing kiosks.

Standard components—including 19” Elo capacitive touch technology with accurate onscreen signature capture, privacy filter, full EMV-compliant payment devices, duplex ID scanner and printer—are all designed for easy use by all patients. The quick-change hardware system can be accessed and serviced quickly and efficiently. The kiosk is ADA-compliant, and all internal systems are accessible through the front of the unit, making it perfect for placement against a wall or with another Verona unit back-to-back.

Optional components include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Biometric identification device (fingerprint, iris or palm)

Boston 2.0—the next generation of Olea’s most popular healthcare kiosk. Olea will debut the second generation of its most popular healthcare kiosk at the show, the Boston 2.0.

Olea said the kiosk has been re-designed from the ground up. Features include:

  • New 19” Elo IntelliTouch (SAW) touchscreen with privacy filter
  • Choice of energy-efficient LED upper light box or 19” LCD monitor for ads, internal marketing, branding and more
  • Newly engineered internal layout for easier access and more room for components
  • Ability to add the most recent EMV hardware
  • Expanded internal space for added components and maintenance ease
  • Recessed touchscreen for added privacy
  • Barcode scanner
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Electronic signature pad
  • 8.5” thermal printer
  • High-volume cooling fan
  • Audio jack

Optional are Wi-Fi connectivity, web camera, stainless trackball and biometric devices.Boston 2.0 Healthcare Kiosk Patient Check-in Self-Service

“There are thousands of Boston kiosks deployed across the country. They have seamlessly completed millions of check-ins. We knew we had big shoes to fill with the new generation. We believe we got it right.”

Asked why Olea should be on the short list of any kiosk vendors for healthcare facilities, he pointed to the company’s history and manufacturing diversity.

“Olea has been around now for more than 40 years. We do great work in some of the most demanding environments where you can place a kiosk. Transportation venues. QSRs. Casinos. We can take what we’ve learned there about durability, efficiency and providing a great user experience and bring that to healthcare, where the expectations and stakes are the highest,” he said.

HIMSS 2017 takes place in Orlando, Fla., from Feb. 19-23. Olea will exhibit at Booth 4379. Call 800-927-8063 to schedule a personalized demo of Verona or Boston 2.0 during the event.

About Olea Kiosks

Olea Kiosks is a Los Angeles, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of kiosks for multiple industries, including QSR and fast casual dining, healthcare, gaming and financial services. Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company builds “better kiosks through intelligent design” and serves clients across the globe.

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PatientWorks Corporation Announces Marketing Agreement with CTS Healthcare

PatientWorks’ KioskWorks and CheckinWorks software is now available on CTS leading self-service interactive devices and kiosks in the healthcare market. CARY, N.C. – Dec. 1, 2016 – PRLog — PatientWorks Corporation, a patient self-service check-in solutions company and wholly owned…


Enclosure and software company work together on new partnership to extend options for EHR and EMR in hospitals today. Excerpt: Hospitals and clinics are very interested in self-service check-in as another tool to improve operations in three key areas: (1) patient safety, (2) patient flow, and (3) patient satisfaction. Expansion initiatives champion the use of self-service technologies that provide a higher level of patient service while also eliminating bottlenecks from waiting rooms of new service areas.”

SlabbKiosks Exhibits at HIMSS16

Look for SlabbKiosks at booth # 8477 on the HIMSS16 exhibition floor in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) February 28, 2016

SlabbKiosks will showcase two (2) of its healthcare kiosks on the exhibit floor for the 2016 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from Feb. 29 – March 4, 2016. More than 40,000 healthcare industry professionals are expected at the conference, where they will learn about and discuss health IT issues, and on the exhibit floor, view innovative solutions designed to transform healthcare.

As an exhibitor, SlabbKiosks will launch a first-of-its-kind medical self-service and payment kiosk. They will also highlight the work they do in the healthcare industry with some of their partners including Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), PatientWay and PayEase.

“We are very excited to be a part of one of the largest healthcare tradeshows and thought it would be fitting to launch our new medical self-service and payment kiosk in an arena that brings so many healthcare professionals together. As with the many other industries we work in, we are always looking to provide solutions that facilitate more efficient and effective systems that ultimately enhance customer service”, stated President of SlabbKiosks, Peter te Lintel Hekkert.


X2 Kiosk by Slabbkiosk
Click to expand – X2 Kiosk by Slabbkiosk
Click to Expand - freestanding unit is our new X11 – a medical self-service and payment kiosk which was launched at the show.
Click to Expand – freestanding unit is our new X11 – a medical self-service and payment kiosk which was launched at the show.

Show Pictures including Crane with new payment devices

Click on the images to expand.


Newsletter – Patient Check In Kiosks for Patients and for Staff

Newsletter from our member Touchsource and their patient check-in kiosk.

Patient Self Check-In Kiosks from Touchsource:
Elevate Your Patient’s Experience and Alleviate Pressure on Staff


touchsource kiosk
click for full size


Why Patient Self Check-In Kiosks from TouchSource…

With over 15 years of experience, TouchSource, Inc. is an industry leader in public information and self-service kiosks. We’ve brought that experience to the patient self-check-in market with our Primera kiosk. The Primera model offers all of the features you would expect from a state-of-the-art self check-in kiosk, and more. With a full range of peripheral options, adjustable monitor, privacy screens and branding options the Primera is designed to make the self check-in process easy and efficient saving your staff time and your healthcare facility money.

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Adjustable Patient Check-In Kiosk Debut at HIMSS 2016

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Press Release

Adjustable Patient Check-In Kiosk Debut at HIMSS 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV – 3/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Olea Kiosks will be showing the industry’s latest adjustable check-in healthcare kiosk at the 2016 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from Feb. 29 – March 4, 2016.

Olea’s Verona Healthcare Kiosk is an adjustable height kiosk solution designed and developed specifically for use in the

healthcare setting. The kiosk is built to address the needs of both patients and providers and every feature and component is fully HIPAA and ADA-compliant.

The Ideal Patient Kiosk

Infinitely adjustable over a 10 inch range, the Verona can raise and lower the height of the kiosk with the press of a button. The entire kiosk is adjustable, not just the monitor, moving all components with you allowing for continued optimal component placement. The Verona is fully ADA-compliant and is designed to provide easy access for all patient users, standing or sitting. The extended front console accommodates wheelchair users and is compliant with forward approach ADA requirements. The standard components on the Verona, including Capacitive Touch technology with accurate on screen signature capture, EMV compliant payment devices, duplex ID scanner and printer, are all designed for ease of access by all patients.

The Perfect Turn-Key Solution for Providers

Because the Verona was conceptualized as a healthcare kiosk, it is designed to be utilized in a healthcare setting and specifically addresses the needs of the healthcare providers. The kiosk is built as a turn-key solution and is compatible with all major healthcare software platforms, including Epic, PatientWorks, Siemens, and McKesson. This ensures that the patient participation through the kiosk can be easily integrated with a provider’s existing internal record keeping systems.

Optional components of a Verona include a barcode scanner, web camera, Wi-Fi adapter, and audio headphone jack. These optional features allow the unit to be customized to accommodate the security standards and accessibility needs of any provider.

Easy to Service and Maintain

The Verona is also built with serviceability in mind. The quick change hardware system can be accessed, serviced and even replaced without using any tools. All internal systems of the Verona are accessible through the front of the unit, making it perfect for placement against a wall or with another Verona unit back-to-back. The ease of maintenance of the unit ensures low management costs and minimal downtime in the event of a service need.

Like all Olea kiosks, the Verona is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA using top-of-the-line components. The kiosk is extremely durable and capable of handling a high volume of users. Olea has delivered thousands of kiosk solutions to major healthcare organizations nationwide.

Contact Olea Kiosks today at or call 800-927-8063 to find out how Olea’s state-of-the-art kiosks can revolutionize your patient check-in experience. See Olea at HIMSS Booth #11419

About Olea Kiosks

Olea is the industry leading designer and manufacturer of custom kiosks inspired by our mission to “build better kiosks through intelligent design.” Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, turn to Olea Kiosks for their trusted lineup of sleek, standard and fully custom kiosk solutions that suit a vast array of applications.

Media Contacts:

Olea Kiosk
Traci Martin
562 924 2644
[email protected]

HIMSS Booth #3065 – CTS Healthcare and Kwerk Release

The company has developed a middleware solution to help its kiosks connect to smaller healthcare organizations’ record systems.

CTS Healthcare Services to debut mid-market patient check-in kiosk

At HIMSS16 booth #3065, the vendor will unveil Kwerk to help mid-size and smaller provider organizations launch and integrate kiosks.

Kiosk maker CTS Healthcare Services will start targeting mid-size and smaller provider organizations when it introduces at HIMSS16 new middleware dubbed Kwerk.

Since it launched its first kiosks in 2005, CTS Healthcare Services has racked up more than 200 million patient check-ins on its kiosks, the vendor said. More than 95 percent of healthcare organizations using the Welcome patient check-in component of Epic’s electronic health record system use CTS Healthcare Services kiosks, CTS Healthcare Services said. This is because Epic was very early to the patient check-in game, enabling the critical integration component.

Twitter: @SiwickiHealthIT

But there is a whole healthcare world beyond Epic, said Sandy Nix, president and CEO of CTS Healthcare Services.

“We’ve found a lot of potential customers with an interest in deploying check-in solutions but without the appropriate middleware piece that allows kiosks to talk to their EHRs,” Nix said. “So we developed Kwerk, which will talk to not only the EHRs in larger facilities but also serve as a bundled product we can offer the mid-market so potential customers at that level can have healthcare-proven hardware and high-quality patient check-in software solutions in an affordable package.”

Kwerk will connect with EHRs in any size facility, but will also enable smaller organizations that simply want a standalone check-in solution to have one. In addition to patient check-in, the kiosks can accept co-pays and bill payments, be used for patient scheduling, secure consent to treatment signatures, issue privacy notices, change demographic information, and more.

CTS Healthcare Services will offer Kwerk on a subscription basis, Nix said.

SUPERVALU Integrates Stayhealthy’s HEALTHCenter Kiosks Into Stores

SUPERVALU Integrates Stayhealthy’s HEALTHCenter Kiosks Into Stores Retail Solutions Online (press release) SUPERVALU, chain grocery operator of stores including, Cub FOODS, Farm Fresh, HornBacher’s, Shoppers, Shop ‘N Save, and Save-A-Lot, recently…

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Clearwave Self-Service Kiosks Improve Patient Engagement

Clearwave Self-Service Kiosks Improve Patient Engagement. Patient messaging helps hospital customers raise patient awareness of services improving health, wellness and profitability. – PR12303931

Craig Keefner‘s insight:

PR by Clearwave. Benefits of patient signing up for patient portal + raising awareness of things like Lasik

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Tele-Robot kiosk highlights ER in Burleson

Plaza Medical Center opens next week and the Tele-Robot Kiosk is amazing.


By Tammye Nash/[email protected]

When Plaza Medical Center’s new ER in Burleson opens to the public on April 15, patients will have the benefit of the latest technological advances.

Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth is a Hospital Corporation of America North Texas Division hospital, and the ER in Burleson is a department of Plaza Medical Center. The ER in Burleson was introduced to the community with a grand opening celebration Saturday.

The technology in Burleson’s newest ER facility starts with the


patient kiosk just inside the entry door that allows patients to check in themselves and includes a robot that allows specialists at Plaza Medical Center’s main campus in the Fort Worth to treat patients from afar. The technology includes state-of-the art digital imaging and lab equipment, and even a mechanism that allows staff to turn a treatment room into a safe room for patients at risk of harming themselves.

The In Touch Health tele-robot can move from room to room and is completely interactive, PMC CEO Clay Franklin said.

“It’s a bit eerie, really, when it comes in and starts talking to you,” he said.

The robot includes an audio connection and a view screen that allows the patients to see and communicate with the physicians in a different location. The doctors can zoom in or out and speak with the patient, and the robot takes readings —heart rate, blood pressure, etc. — that allow the doctors, on site and elsewhere, to make quick, accurate diagnoses.

Franklin said that Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth is already the first comprehensive stroke treatment hub in the area, since it is home to the Texas Stroke Institute. With strokes, he said, “speed of care is critical,” and with the tele-robot technology, stroke victims at the ER in Burleson will have access to all the specialized knowledge that will help create the best outcome in treatment.

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