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By | July 20, 2022
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Editors Note: Several of our members use Intuiface for a no code programming kiosk interface.  All of them are quite pleased with the result and the rapid time cycle for creation and deployment.

samsung kiosk intuiface

samsung kiosk interface by Intuiface

No-code technology is everywhere. More than 65% of app development in 2024 will be performed using a no-code platform. That’s business and creative professionals with zero software development experience, creating software applications for personal, company-wide, and customer use. The “citizen developer” is now empowered to – for example – create web and mobile apps rivaling the best of custom coding. It’s a market so explosive and pervasive that its estimated size in 2021 was $13.8B, and growing 23% annually.

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As big as it is, the no-code developer movement has a blind spot: in-venue digital communication. In this world of digital signage, information kiosks, retail self-service, curated exhibits, and more – broadly known as “in-venue digital audience engagement” – custom software development remains the dominant approach. That’s an $8B software market encompassing the entirety of screens beyond personal devices (phones, tablets, etc.), PCs, and home TV, reliant solely on professional developers and inflexible content creation offerings.

What is No Code

  • What is No-Code Technology?

    We summarize the characteristics of no-code solutions, framing the evolution of this approach to its dominant status on the world stage.
  • The No-Code Coding Landscape

    Presenting the 100+ companies selling no-code app creation and distribution software, segmented by targeted business process or objective.
  • Understanding In-Venue Apps

    Upon noting the absence of in-venue apps in the landscape, we define what makes these deployments unique, necessitating dedicated, fit-for-purpose no-code solutions.
  • Intuiface: The Ideal In-Venue No-Code Solution

    Intuiface is the market’s first and only true no-code option for creating and deploying in-venue applications. We walk you through the key features that distinguish it from traditional in-venue solutions.
  • Other Questions – What is Low Code No Code or What Does No Code Mean?

You’re about to see two apps – side by side – that are almost identical in both user experience and workflow. One has been developed in HTML5 using a traditional software development environment while the other was built using Intuiface, a no-code experience creation platform. One of them took 2 months. One of them took 2 days.

Who it is For?

No-code software users and producers

You know no-code but are new to in-venue. We’ll help you understand what it is, how it matters to you and your company, and why no-code software like Intuiface delivers the same benefits you’ve come to expect for your existing projects.

Digital signage software users and producers

You know digital signage but are new to no-code. What exactly is a no-code solution, how is it different from a traditional digital signage CMS, and what you should look for from a no-code offering for audience engagement.


Respected digital signage consultant and author of the Sixteen-Nine blog, Dave Haynes, welcomed Intuiface’s Geoff Bessin to the Sixteen-Nine podcast. Here they discussed the no-code movement, its blindness to the delivery of in-venue digital content, and how Intuiface represents the first attempt to fill that gap. Choose from listening to the podcast or reading the transcript.

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