Kiosk ADA Accessibility

Learn about accessibility and ADA for kiosks and all forms of unattended self-service such as smart city implementations. We also maintain an Assistive Technology page which is interesting.

Kiosk ADA Accessibility

ADA Accessibile Kiosk

Countertop units by Olea Kiosks with Storm Interface audio navpad. Writeup by Laura Miller of Vispero.

Are your kiosks ADA-compliant? Typically prospects and customers will include a stipulation that the units be ADA-compliant.  We see many requests for proposals from city, state and federal agencies where that one line is the only line about ADA.

Section 508 and the ACAA only apply to federal correct?  The long answer is No [see Accessibility FAQ on]. They apply to everybody.

Almost all kiosks are ADA-compliant, to a degree. Most all likely will observe basic reach requirements but that is only one of over 30 standing regulations concerning hardware. And there are another 30 or so which apply to the software and interface.

But I don’t want to do that — Let’s list out some of Why Nots and Objections. For reference — these are Why Nots for EMV (another regulation) but they closely mirror ADA in fact.

  1. it costs money to do. You’ll need a QSA and that could be $75K easy.  Someone like Coalfire/etc.
  2. it takes time.  Figure a year or a month depending.
  3. It is inconvenient. It’s unnecessary regulation given our environment.  But it can come back to extract a heavy price in the future.

Those are the exact same objections to ADA.  Instead of a QSA like Coalfire though, you will bring on someone like Vispero, KioWare, TFA ConsultingKiosk enclosure companies are available to do enclosure reviews. Olea Kiosks, Pyramid, are exceptionally skilled at ADA.

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The Answer

The answer is two part.

One — speak with some ADA and Accessibility qualified consultants and have them review your situation. We can introduce you. It doesn’t cost anything to talk with them and it will likely save you a lot of money in the future.

Two — request a copy of our MCR ADA Guidelines to ensure the factors being considered are ALL of the factors that need to be considered.  Not just the part your consultant specializes in.

KMA.Global recently completed our Mandated Current Requirements (MCR) for kiosks along with our multi-vendor Proposed Code of Practice moving forward. Some technologies exist now such as voice which did not exist when the U.S. Access Board outlined best practices. We meet with the U.S. Access Board once a year and work with them closely on proposed guidelines going forward, as well as what the current guidelines mandate.

To be introduced and/or get your copy of the MCR brief complete the short form below.

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