Kiosk Hacking Demonstration – Defcon 16

Kiosk Hacking Demo

Lots of tools out there. This one sorts of puts the wrap on Windows XP (and 7 to extent).Complete how-to from Defcon 16 and Paul Craig (who has since moved onto ATMs).

Here is pdf of entire presentation — defcon-16-craig

The web address for iKat is ikat period h period cked period net

  • An online tool you visit from any Kiosk terminal.
  • Provides content to help an escape from any application jail.
  • “Sure would help me during penetration tests”


Available Remote Input Vectors:
 Remotely hosted content, viewed by a Kiosk.
 JavaScript.
 Java Applets.
 ActiveX.
 ClickOnce applications (.NET Online Application Deployment).
 Internet Zone protocol handlers.
 File type handlers.
 Flash, Director, Windows Media Player, Real, QuickTime, Acrobat, other browser plug-ins.

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