Kiosk Manufacturer Association Statement on Coronavirus Healthcare Crisis

By | March 16, 2020
KIosk Manufacturer Association

Press release on BusinessWire March 2020

WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Kiosk Manufacturer Association is aggressively working with our customers and suppliers to ensure that clear and accurate information is available. Whether Healthcare, Retail or Transportation we are assisting.

Identifying all of the potential sources of infection that customers and employees face in everyday interaction is a challenge. Whether it is mobile phones, credit card reader buttons, signature styli, credit cards, cash, coin, checks, ink pens, keyboards, accessibility devices, touchscreens and more, all come into play as things we touch.

On a recent call with a Healthcare provider talking about Kiosks it was decided that the preference would be for patients to interact with the Kiosk vs. staff. This would limit the potential to transmit a disease to staff at a reception desk. The good news here is the machine is easily cleaned after each use if needed. Most person to person interactions are in close proximity and entail talking, passing back and forth of cash or credit cards and a receipt. All of which both people touch.

This is just one example of the advantages of human-to-machine interface versus human-to-human.

Cleaning is the highest priority at this time. Fortunately simple soap and water is the most effective elimination method as it essentially dissolves a virus. Bleach based cleaning agents are highly effective as are some of the rated industrial wipes (PDI for example which serves the majority of healthcare).

At this time our recommendations are:

  • clean surfaces with warm soapy water. That breaks down the viruses and removes them.
  • Another option — wipe down with bleach wipes and after several passes of that wipe down with medical grade wipe such as Easy Screen

The KMA maintains a solutions page on the Kiosk Industry website which lists additional tools which can be used against bacteria and also microbes. That includes retrofittable solutions for touchscreens including film and coatings. Ultimately it comes down to regular cleaning.

The Kiosk Manufacturer Association will continue to provide all and any solutions for the particular situation.

For more information visit our summary page.

If your company, organization, association, local, city, state or federal agency would like to participate at some level with the KMA either with ADA or with EMV, please contact [email protected] or call 720-324-1837

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