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Press Release – KMA Self-Service Kiosk Trade Shows March April 2019

Published on PRNewswire and MarketWatch 

DSE Kiosk Trade Show next for digital signage kiosks including LG-MRI, Peerless-AV, 22Miles, Optconnect & Zivelo. NRF 2019 Update.

WESTMINSTER, Colo.March 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — DSE Digital Signage Expo

The Kiosk Manufacturer Association is happy to announce that several of its sponsors will be exhibiting next week at DSE 2019. 191 companies in total will be represented. What began as a digital signage tradeshow seems to be evolving to a large format interactive informational kiosk tradeshow. Sponsors exhibiting include Peerless-AV, 22Miles, Optconnect, Zivelo, MimoMonitors and LG-MRI.

Craig Keefner of KMA notes, “Touch is still the key for establishing ROI and digital signage is evolving to interactive. Device interaction currently is mobile phones but that will widen as well in scope.”

KMA has a preview article with links and next week pictures and comments from the exhibiting sponsors will be added. KMA would like to thank Peerless-AV for the mini lighted display signage they sent US Mail prior to the show. And thanks to LG-MRI.

NRF 2019

So what do Walmart, Amazon, Schwarz Group, Carrefour, Costco and Aldi have in common? They attended NRF 2019 and are some of the Top 10 Global Retailers in the world. Companies such as YUM Foods, Tommy Hilfiger, Whole Foods, Apple, T-Mobile and the New York Mets are companies that attended NRF and met with KMA at our booth. KMA has formed a retail advisory group to help solicit opinions and thoughts on Accessibility and ADA which KMA can use with the entire ADA & Accessibility committee and later the U.S. Access Board during their meeting later this year. KMA will exhibit again next year at NRF 2020. If you are a retailer or deployer and are willing to be surveyed from time to time please contact [email protected] and there is no charge for participating. The current group comprises 40 participants.

KMA is committed to public outreach via all mechanisms including tradeshows such as NRF. KMA is a member of NRF.

In Other New – Features

To Contact KMA:

Craig Keefner  – [email protected] – 720.324.1837

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SOURCE Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA)

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NRF 2019 – National Retail Federation BigShow in NY

NRF Big Show Wrap

NRF 2018 Retail Kiosk
KMA is a member of the National Retail Federation. Joins us at the Big Show.

The NRF Big Show was a big success for KMA. We were hoping to get some brands to sign up as part of our new Retail Advisory Council and we signed up companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and the New York Mets.

NRF Highlights Links

  • The NRF’s 2019 Big Show Features Innovative Solutions – and Robot Attendees – Apparel News

Original article – pre-show

We’re pleased to announce that KMA will be exhibiting at the BigShow in NY in January 2019. Booth 1725 on the main floor.

We will have example kiosks (one of them courtesy of Olea Kiosks) and it will be running  application by Appetize.

Get a firsthand look at Appetize’s modern, enterprise point of sale software on Olea’s Austin countertop self-service kiosk at NRF! With the Kiosk Manufacturer Association, we’re bringing cutting-edge self-service technology to the retail industry. Make sure to swing by Booth #1725 to meet the team and get a demo of the product!

A second tablet display will be debuting a new retail application that has recently been deployed by FAO Schwartz.

As part of NRF we will be recruiting participants for our Retail Advisory Council.  Simply put we are looking for companies which have an interest in self-service in general and also accessibility and may or may not have some input for us.  This type of broad input and review is modeled on ANSI standards for process. We hope to see you there.

For more information on Retail Kiosks in general please visit our Retail Market page. Included is recent data by Frost & Sullivan on “Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast Discussion by Vertical”.  Retail is the largest vertical market for self-service kiosks to summarize.

At The Booth! Nanonation’s newest application makes for a seamless car buying experience – for kids, that is! F.A.O. Schwarz, an iconic toy store, has kiosk-like stations equipped with iPads with an engaging user experience that allows guests to build their own model car. From choosing the body, paint, wheels, and accessories, to the accompanied auto body shop sound effects, the interactive experience is the first part of a two-stage process. In stage two the guest works with the team in the F.A.O. garage to put together the model car they just designed. The collaboration between Nanonation and F.A.O. Schwarz is experience retail at its best.

News For NRF 2019

Members and Sponsors who (in one form or another) will be attending or represented the Show

NRF Booth Backdrop for Kiosk Manufacturer Association
NRF Booth Backdrop for Kiosk Manufacturer Association

Interested in Meeting at Show?

More information

Craig is a  senior staff writer for Kiosk Industry Group Association. He has 25 years of experience in the industry. He contributed to this article.

NRF Stores Magazine – September 2018 – Nice to See You Again

Source: www.storesmagazine-digital.com

Nice story on facial and recognition and how Fraud-IQ is helping retail in loss prevention.


Merchandise returns cost retailers in the United States more than $350 million in sales last year, including up to $22.8 billion attributed directly to fraudulent returns and abuse, estimates data analytics firm Appriss.

“Fraud is such a big number in retail, one that largely goes unchecked,” says Peter Trepp, CEO of FaceFirst, a software firm that provides a security face recognition platform for use in industries including retail, air transportation, casinos, sports and event venues. The company recently unveiled Fraud-IQ, which it calls the first facial recognition product built specifically for use against retail return fraud.

“It’s hard to find tools to combat fraud,” Trepp says. “Part of this is because criminals have become so sophisticated. We think [facial recognition] is a contribution to battle this.”

The new Fraud-IQ works in two ways to assist retailers. “First, it can identify people entering the store without a package and then showing up at the return counter with goods to return,” Trepp says, “and the second works against repeat offenders.”