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By | December 15, 2022
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JAWS ADA for Kiosk screen reader available for Android Kiosks

Editors Note — big announcement from Vispero/TPGi on the availability of Android software for ADA assistive (Android screen reader). Android has been lacking a good ADA accessibility solution and no surprise Vispero delivers one first.  You can see JAWS for Kiosk at NRF in January at booth 1602.

JAWS ADA for Kiosk screen reader available for Android Kiosks

JAWS for Kiosk screen reader available for Android Kiosks

CLEARWATER, FL, December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vispero™, the global leader for assistive technology products for the blind and low-vision community and provider of JAWS®, the world’s most widely used screen reader, announces that JAWS for Kiosk is now available for Android systems. This is the only screen reader specifically designed to support Android kiosks.

JAWS for Kiosk is an award-winning screen reader featuring a self-service text-to-speech audio output that allows blind or low-vision users to perform tasks easily and independently, such as ordering at a quick service restaurant, voting in an election, filling out confidential information at a medical office or interacting with other kiosk or tablet-based applications. Previously available exclusively on Microsoft Windows form factors, JAWS for Kiosk is now compatible with the Android platform, allowing it to be deployed on an even greater number of self-service kiosks systems worldwide.

Leading the Android initiative of JAWS for Kiosk is Traci Murray. Traci joined the Vispero team as Director of Business Development with a focus on JAWS for Kiosk. Her extensive background working with a leading kiosk manufacturer brought a new perspective for customers deploying self-service kiosks.

Murray explains, “Being able to share my experience in the self-service hardware space with clients looking to deploy or expand their kiosk projects brings a whole new level of opportunities to Vispero and users. JAWS for Kiosk software is an integral addition to a kiosk project that makes kiosks accessible and usable for all.”

JAWS for Kiosk works with EloView®, Elo’s mobile device management software, to deploy and securely manage Elo Android-powered touchscreen computers. EloView enables kiosk administrators to package JAWS with their primary application and remotely deploy the solution to kiosks worldwide. This approach allows Elo customers to integrate text-to-speech audio with any kiosk app – whether at a self-order kiosk at your favorite restaurant, a healthcare check-in kiosk, or a ticketing kiosk at an amusement park.  [See complete list of Elo Solutions here onsite]

TPGi works with premium kiosk partners to deploy assistive technology in the self-service areas. Working with kiosk manufacturers and software companies, TPGi is pleased to have Elo join our partner program.

“We look forward to working with the Elo team and making self-service experiences accessible for all,” stated Murray.

Features and benefits of JAWS for Kiosk include:

  • High-quality voices for speech output.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Auto start and stop with a headphone jack.
  • Works specifically with Storm assistive technology products, Elo Audio Jack, as well as other alternative input solutions such as touch screens.
  • A dictionary that administrators can use to customize how JAWS pronounces specific words or abbreviations.
  • Ability for administrators to assign custom labels and hints to unclearly labeled kiosk application controls.
  • No Internet connection is required.

Learn more about JAWS for Kiosk.

Brochure — JAWS Kiosk Brochure Digital 2022-compressed

JAWS ADA From NRF 2023 Portal

Come see JAWS for kiosk accessibility software at booth 1602. Schedule a meeting with Traci Murray of Vispero ([email protected]) or stop by. Video –

Android Kiosk Software Available

Android now has ADA accessibility screen reader available by Vispero. Big announcement from Vispero/TPGi on availability of Android software for ADA assistive (Android screen reader). Android has been lacking a good ADA accessibility solution and no surprise Vispero delivers one first.  You can see JAWS Kiosk at NRF in January at booth 1602.  Here is the updated brochure for 2022.

Vispero and TPGi also have two new great resources to include on their site:

    1. A Beginner’s Guide to Kiosk Accessibility: Part 1 – TPGi
    2. A Beginner’s Guide to Kiosk Accessibility: Part 2 – TPGi

About Vispero
Vispero is the global leader in assistive technology products for those with vision impairments. Freedom Scientific, TPGi, Enhanced Vision, and Optelec, all Vispero brands, have a long history of innovation for customers with accessibility needs. Our product portfolio is considered one of the most diverse and reliable on the market. For more information, visit

About TPGi
TPGi is an accessibility solutions provider that supports all phases of accessibility through best-in-class management software and professional services. We partner with the best-known brands in the world to achieve end-to-end accessibility for their digital assets. Our clients span a variety of industries including retail/eCommerce, software/technology, publishing, banking/finance, healthcare, government, and higher education. TPGi experts are globally recognized for their contributions to accessibility standards and guidelines.

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