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By | June 17, 2021
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This page is a running log with personal commentary on legal, privacy and patent situations.  We keep track of legal news that affects the unattended self-service market.  These are typically legal suits brought against companies but also can be HIPAA violations of privacy data which typically result in legal consequences.

In Brief This Month:

  • ADA Lawsuits on track for 4000 in 2021. E-Commerce top of the list. Small companies now being sued more often. Widgets/overlays no protection provided.
  • Apparently, we now have a fully functioning DOJ or Department of Justice.  Enforcing laws appears to be coming back into vogue.  We know of many cases the DOJ has “expressed interest”, unlike the former. The prosecution probability index (PPI) has definitely risen in the last 3 months.
  • The big mysteries at this point is how a large number of franchisees ALL violate ADA. We can understand this ones or that ones but 139? And then, given 50 states why would McDonald’s choose to trial biometrics in the one state that has extensive laws surrounding it. Sometimes “bad law” can be created by bringing suit in an unsympathetic district court. Winn-Dixie is prime example of that.
  • One other trend that is noteworthy revolves around videos and specifically audio embedded. This can be actual audio track or it could be a narration. Multiple languages. Media from Amazon, Netflix, Disney come into play. Any description of services with visuals.

July 2021

  • WCAG Web Accessibility – WCAG Web Accessibility Lawsuits (Websites, Mobile, Video) – for full data visit
  • Samsung #1 in patent litigation (defendant).  4,282.  Seesidebar  image

    Samsung Patent Litigation

    Samsung – Click for full size

June 2021

  • Supreme Court upholds ACA — this impacts all types of healthcare technology — In the decision, the court reversed a lower court ruling finding the individual mandate unconstitutional. However, the court did not get to the key question of whether the individual mandate is severable from the rest of the law. Instead, the court held the plaintiffs do not have standing in the case, or a legal right to bring the suit.
  • Wendys faces ADA class action — from Law360 — A proposed class of consumers with mobility disabilities has slapped the owner-operators of 139 Wendys franchise restaurants with a suit in Wisconsin federal court, claiming they violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by denying disabled customers full and equal access to the eateries.
  • CVS Exposed 1 Billion user data records — 204GB — the data exposed online included customer email addresses, user IDs and customer searches on CVS Pharmacy websites for COVID-19 vaccines and other medications, according to the report.
  • McDonalds Being Sued in Illinois for obtaining and storing biometric data from drive-thru customers.  Voice captured then run thru AI engine.

April 2021


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