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Kiosk Payment – Ingenico Self-Service Solutions

Ingenico Payments – Self-Service Solutions About Ingenico — Ingenico has over 6,000 employees and operates in over 170 countries. The company’s products and services include point-of-sale (POS) terminals, mobile payment solutions, and cloud-based payment processing platforms. Ingenico’s customers include merchants of all sizes, from small businesses to large retailers. The company is the leading provider of payment solutions… Read More »

Generative AI Assist Driving Revenue

AI Useful Results for Retailers Article on retailtouchpoints July 10th on AI and Retail. Quick Brief / Summary AI is coming Retailers exploring and new startups like Verneek have formed. We’ve covered Verneek and their terrific pilot they finished with Sprouts. Very successful. They include some nice data predictions — Global ecommerce sales, representing 22% of all retail… Read More »

Wayfinding 3D – 22Miles BrightSign Video

Wayfinding 3D with 22Miles & BrightSign Nice video of 22Miles explaining wayfinding, especially 3D, using the BrightSign player. For more information email [email protected] Transcript One of the biggest things that 22 Miles offers is this really comprehensive, but yet agile digital signage and interactive experience platform to really support applications that could be as simple as digital signage… Read More »

Korean Kiosk Association & Kiosk Accessibility Council Formed

Korean Kiosk Association Formed June 2023 South Korea has once again exceeded expectations and show many of us the way forward. In late June they formalized:\ Korean Kiosk Association Kiosk Accessibility Council From one of our LG people — Ministry of Science and ICT & National Information Society Agency organizsed “Kiosk Accessibility Council” with 40 some companies including LG Electronics,… Read More »

Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solutions – Toughbooks, Stingray, ClearConnect Family

Panasonic Connect Complete Drive-Thru Update – July 2023 Thanks to its sheer size, Panasonic Connect is one of the few if not only companies that offers and supports a complete restaurant technology portfolio. An example of that is the Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solution. All in all, Panasonic Connect offers technology solutions that meet the market’s needs. Panasonic Connect’s… Read More »

DynaTouch – Kiosk Software and Solutions

DynaTouch Update July 2023 DynaTouch is a technology integrator and developer, specializing in secure self-service solutions for kiosks, interactive displays, mobile devices, multi-user workstations, and digital signage—all powered by our proprietary TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software.  For more information you can email [email protected] or visit the DynaTouch Contact page DynaTouch is an IT Solutions company specializing in self-service solutions… Read More »

Touch Screen Sale + New Elo 2770L Touchscreen

Elo Summer promo + Introducing 2770L 70-Series Touchmonitors Editors Note:  Good breakout of Elo product solutions including their “stands”. Elo has the deserved reputation for being the leader in touch screen and nice to get a summer discount. Starting July 1st, get instant rebate discounts on popular Elo touchscreen monitors, touchscreen computers, touchscreen signage and open frame touch… Read More »