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5 Technology Trends Spotted at The NRA Show 2018

5 Technology Trends Spotted at The NRA Show 2018

With another successful year at the National Restaurant Association Show under our belts (our 13th!), we gathered the most talked about technology trends from the show to share – just in case you missed it…


1. Third-party delivery replacement

Restaurant operators have come across many issues with third-party delivery companies: loss of brand value, high commission cost, data usage, etc. That’s why companies like ShiftPixystood out this year as a self-delivery option that allows clients to use their own employees to make deliveries.


2. The Touchscreen Drive-Thru

Self-order isn’t limited to the indoor variety: meet the self-order drive-thru. The Touchscreen Drive-Thru introduces huge operational efficiencies, allowing chains to redirect labor full-tilt towards fulfillment. Not to mention, the technology has been refined over the course of a decade: “NEXTEP SYSTEMS displayed its fifth generation, drive-thru self-order kiosk, which automatically adjusts the center of the touchscreen to the height of the customer in their car. The touchscreen adjusts as soon as the customer touches it. The system also automatically adjusts the brightness of the touchscreen to the level of outdoor light. Additionally, the kiosk includes a built-in air conditioning unit.” (Kiosk Marketplace)


3. Food at faster speeds

It was all about speed in terms of fulfillment this year. Devices that prepare food in seconds like the Antunes JS-1000 Steamer, which can make scrambled eggs in 12 seconds, gave operators something exciting to look forward to: less wait time for customers.

4. Giving customers the reigns

Self-order menus with endless custom options are giving customers the control they crave. Whether because of dietary restrictions or particular preferences, guests are able to seamlessly create the perfect, customized meal in a few taps with NEXTEP kiosks. This year, it was clearer than ever that self-order design matters. Many POS companies jumped at the chance to say they could offer self-order, but very few were able to execute kiosk software that looks beautiful, answers guests’ questions before they even have to ask, and works seamlessly with the rest of the operation.


5. Going digital for streamlined operations

Digitally-enhanced self-service has taken over not just as a way to order, but in every aspect of the restaurant experience. The Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100, for example, was debuted this year with new features that create an interactive experience for users.  Users can download the Freestyle mobile app, connect to the machine via Bluetooth, and pour their own beverage mix from their phone.

More Pictures from NRA

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McDonalds Kiosk Effect dominates NRA Show

McDonalds Effect dominates NRA Show – Exhibitor Gallery from KMC


The number of self-order kiosks on display at the National Restaurant Show nearly tripled over last year’s exhibits.  Below is video of Pyramid Computer booth. Visit their YouTube channel for more!

Good review of self-order kiosks at NRA 2018.  Elliott presents photo gallery of 35 different booths at the recent National Restaurant Show.

See the gallery article: KioskMarketplace and Elliott Maras

There were some notable not presents such as Acrelec and RedyRef.

Given the recent spate of RFPs related to fast casual it is not surprising to see big turnout though at this show.  Still,  the media always gets ahead of itself trying to announce “what’s coming” is the same as “what is” and it rarely is.

The Ziosk iteration went from concept to installment over many years and it is a relatively mature product now entering its replacement cycle.  Lifecycle coming into play for the units.

Still, it has been several years of “they are coming” and last time I checked at Wendy’s there is nothing, or any of the other fast casuals here in the area and we are looking at a fairly “hot” market here in Denver.

Companies are certainly exploring the idea.  Which format or form factor they eventually settle on is still to be determined.


What a difference a year makes! Last year’s National Restaurant Show featured 12 self-serve kiosks. This year, the number on display at Chicago’s McCormick Place nearly tripled as kiosk manufacturers scrambled to meet the restaurant industry’s demand to improve customer service with new technology.

As McDonald’s continues its nationwide rollout of self-order kiosks, thousands of QSRs and fast casual restaurants don’t want to get left behind and are shopping the market.

Click here for more: KioskMarketplace Gallery

McDonalds Kiosks news items

  • ZIVELO Wins Two Awards at ICX Summit 2018/06/14 ZIVELO Wins 2 Awards at ICX Summit for Achievement in Interactive Customer Experiences. The #1 QSR mobile kiosk company receives two awards Dallas, TX – June 13, 2018 – ZIVELO, the leader in interactive self-service kiosk and digital signage solutions in the QSR arena, has been appointed to receive two prestigious awards at the ICX Summit in ...
  • Drive Thru Kiosk Solutions – Real World 2018/06/10 Drive Thru Kiosk Solutions From Steve Evans and Nextep Hello all! It’s been pretty busy but I wanted to stop for a moment and congratulate the following 5 locations for their implementations of our World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ Solution: • Bennett Holdings Group – #10199 Johnstown, PA • Kristen Chandler – #68779 Midland, TX • Russell Rogers – #50511 Bentonville, AR • ...
  • Feature – EMV Self-Service Update for Self-Order Kiosks 2018 2018/06/10 EMV Update for Self-Order Kiosks EMV deadlines have arrived, but many choose to skip the upgrade. EMV is still split into two big camps. One that is compliant and the other which will  be, but not yet.   Our prime supporting sponsor for this update is KioWare. Thanks! By Richard Slawsky contributor Which costs more, complying with new regulations or ...
  • Wendy’s CEO Talks About Kiosks, Drive-Thrus & Future of Fast Food – The Street 2018/06/10 Wendy’s CEO Talks About Future of Fast Food – Kiosks and Drive-Thrus – The Street TheStreet talks exclusively with Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor about how he is trying to reinvent the food ordering process. Click here for full interview. Below are some of the points covered.Some points covered and made by Penegor:How many installed?  200 in ...
  • Self-Order Solutions Take Center Stage at Restaurant Show 2018/06/08 Self-Order Solutions Take Center Stage at Restaurant Show Kiosks are quickly becoming an integral part of the QSR and fast-casual space. Here are some factors to consider when planning for a self-order solution by Olea Kiosks, Inc. The 99th annual National Restaurant Association trade show wrapped up its four-day run May 22, but one of the hottest ...
  • McDonald’s CEO: We are evolving the business in a meaningful way 2018/06/08 McDonald’s CEO: We are evolving the business in a meaningful way9:00 AM ET Mon, 4 June 2018 In a wide-ranging interview, Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO talks about the company’s new headquarters, adapting new technology, including new ways to order food, adding an international menu, and why tariffs are unlikely to impact the company’s bottom..McDonald’s CEO: We ...
  • Benefits of Utilizing Self-Service Kiosks in Quick Service & Fast Casual 2018/05/31 Benefits of Utilizing  Self-Service Kiosks in Quick  Service & Fast Casual May 2018  | The following is excerpt from the latest whitepaper by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. covering Self-Service Kiosks in Quick Service and Fast Casual.  See the complete whitepaper on the Frank Mayer website. ContentsForward Enhanced Customer Service Improved Productivity Increased Profits Conclusion ResourcesForward Recent industry news pertaining to quick service restaurants (QSRs) and ...
  • McDonalds Kiosk Effect dominates NRA Show 2018/05/31The number of self-order kiosks on display at the National Restaurant Show nearly tripled over last year’s exhibits as hardware and software manufacturers rushed to meet the demand from restaurants. Source: Good review of self-order kiosks at NRA 2018.   Excerpt:   What a difference a year makes! ...
  • QSR Ordering Kiosks And Out-Of-Stock Shoes 2018/05/10 From article QSR Ordering Kiosks Evolved From A 1980s Solution For Out-Of-Stock Shoes As a college student in the 1970s, Murray Lappe heard that his fellow students wanted to promote their organizations through a new medium. During a retreat, the students thought of having a traditional bulletin board, but Lappe had an alternate take: Why not ...
  • The rise of the machine: Stores and restaurants turn to self-service kiosks – 2018/05/04 Self-service kiosks at McDonalds restaurants are part of a national trend toward automation at stores and restaurants driven by tech-savvy consumers and the ri… Source: Nice article. The rise of the machine: Stores and restaurants turn to self-service kiosks
  • McDonalds Kiosk – Great Falls Montana Video 2018/04/24 McDonalds Kiosk – Great Falls Montana Video   Self-serve kiosks are making their debut in the fast food industry! The recently renovated 10th Ave. McDonald’s here in Great Falls has just added self-serving kiosks to their menu.  Instead of 3 places to order, there are now 8 in the newly designed restaurant. In an effort to offer a better ...
  • Hospitality Kiosks – What the Kiosk Can Do for Hotels and Restaurants 2018/03/16What The $1B Kiosk Industry Can Do For Hotels And Restaurants News followup from Excerpt:Kiosks aren’t just for selling tickets or providing customers with another way to order a meal. They can personalize the guest experience too. “Our take on it is that we’re all different,” Bite CPO Steven Truong has said. “Our recognition and learning algorithm ...
  • McDonald’s tech updates have some workers jumping ship 2018/03/14 For Dudley Dickerson, the mobile-app orders were the last straw.McDonald’s has been updating with new technology, delivery, a revamped menu and curbside pickup. But the “Experience of the Future” has employees handling more tasks — in many cases, they say, without pay raises or adequate staffing. So Dickerson, 23, handed over his spatula for the ...
  • McDonald’s: More touch screens and table service just the beginning of change – Nov. 17, 2016 2018/03/13 McDonald’sCEO Steve Easterbrook says the fast food giant is rolling out self-order kiosks, mobile pay options, an updated interior design, even table service. Source:
  • Habit to Test Breakfast, Develop App, Kiosks | Orange County Business Journal 2018/03/02 Habit Restaurants Inc. (Nasdaq: HABT) in Irvine will test breakfast menu items and develop a digital mobile app and a kiosk ordering system. Source: Other restaurant groups—including Irvine-based Yogurtland—have looked at the meal segment as well, as a way to get more customers through the door while morning-intensive chains such as Starbucks Corp. made a mirror-image ...

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Spring 2018 Trade Show Recap

Spring 2018 Trade Show Recap

Key takeaways from recent industry trade shows by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Kiosk Tradeshows Recap
Click for full size

As trade show season starts winding down, we sat with Vice President of Business Development Joe Holley, Account Executive Carl Maglio, and SVP of Business Development Ron Bowers to discuss their immediate takeaways from three recent spring shows: The M-PACT Show, GlobalShop 2018, and the Digital Signage Expo 2018.

The M-PACT Show

About: The M-PACT Show brings together leaders in the energy and convenience industry as well as support companies affiliated with the trade. This year’s show was held March 13-15 in Indianapolis.

Insight: A key takeaway for Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. representative Holley was the interest from big energy companies to expand their loyalty programs using self-service kiosks in their stations. Utilizing these kiosks not only allows fuel stations an opportunity to encourage customers to walk through the door, but offers convenience to patrons who can sign up for reward programs, print coupons, view their accounts and more. Holley predicts an increase in these loyalty program kiosks at convenience stores and fuel stations as more energy companies recognize the benefits.

GlobalShop 2018

About: The largest retail design industry trade show, GlobalShop brings together representatives from store design, visual merchandising, retail technology, and shopper marketing industries. GlobalShop 2018 took place in downtown Chicago from March 27 through March 29.

Insight: Often a hub for the latest innovative ideas in the industry, the show provided companies an opportunity to showcase the latest trending products.  Smart flooring equipped with built-in sensors to track the movement of customers through a retail store has been generating more buzz lately, and Maglio saw more exhibitors featuring this technology at the show. In addition, he noticed more creative use of LED lighting, with some businesses highlighting
dramatic shelf-edge light capabilities that could bring a new look to merchandising displays.

Digital Signage Expo 2018 (DSE)

About: According to the DSE website, the show “is the world’s largest and longest running conference and tradeshow exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital display and interactive technology solutions for customer and employee communications.”
Insight: Staying true to the industry move toward “personalization,” the show’s buzz was all about the importance of collecting data on the consumer so the retail experience could be customized to the
patron. Big name companies presented on the significance of data management in retail systems.

Bowers states, “Many companies had exciting demonstrations that utilized data gathering and input utilization of consumer interaction with face recognition and product interaction.” He continues, “It is
now becoming mainstream for self-service digital screens and touchscreen systems to gather and use the consumer information to offer real-time analysis of customer interaction with brands and services.”

From self-service kiosks and trending technology to personalizing the customer experience, recent trade shows have illustrated what’s important to both brands and retailers as well as customers in the coming year. Stay tuned for more recaps detailing the latest developments in the point-of- purchase industry as we continue to attend shows throughout 2018.

More Information

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2018 Shanghai Smart Retailing High-end Summit Gathers Industry Leaders for Insights and Innovations

Shanghai, 29 March, 2018

2018 Shanghai Smart Retailing High-end Summit Gathers Industry
Leaders for Insights and Innovations

To be held on April 26-27 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the summit’s theme is ‘Smart Retail, Leading a Smart New Life’, and will gather experts and leaders to discuss the current developments and future prospects of the retail (automation) industry.

A Revolution in Retail

As China enters a new era of smart retail, companies face tremendous challenges to traditional retail and e-commerce, and leaders need to embrace and integrate all aspects to thrive. The organizers of the summit hopes to discover new retail revolutions through this premiere event.

This summit is committed to building a platform for acquiring industry-leading information, exploring industry trends for domestic and foreign industry elites; and finding opportunities for business partners to have extensive exchanges and in-depth cooperation.

The Summit will hold the 2018 Shanghai International Smart Retailing Exhibition and the 15th China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show (CVS2018) in the same period. More than 1,000 professionals, brands and e-commerce sites in the smart retail industry are expected to participate at the two-day conference.

China Retail Show

Summit Highlights

  • Global industry bigwigs will share authoritative viewpoints and cutting-edge technologies, as well as forecasting new trends in the industry.
  • More than 40 well-known media outlets will be present at the
    conference, to broadcast key issues and to conduct interviews to increase the visibility the participants.
  • More than 50 government officials, associations, investors, CEOs and founders of domestic and foreign leading companies will be there to discuss new retail innovations in the industry.

Key Content

Expect keynote speeches, group discussions, and an awards ceremony during the two-day summit. Leaders of relevant government departments and industry experts will share knowledge and experiences, provide interpretation of industry-related policies, as well as analyses of industry development opportunities.

Other highlights:

Innovative Applications: Well-known integrators in the retail industry explore innovative application designs, and integration of new technologies.

Technology Sharing: Technology-based companies with profound
influence in the industry share innovative breakthroughs vis-a-vis the retail industry.

Cases Studies: Industry-leading system integrators share successful
experiences in retail applications.

Industry Leaders

Leaders from NAMA, JVMA, Performance Architect,, Tencent, Suning Yunye, YouBao, Orange of Angels, Lai Yifen, Rainbow Department Store, Innovative Factory, Sinoway Herb, CityBox, Jian 24 Unmanned Convenience Store, Hisense Commercial Software and other companies are confirmed to attend the summit as speakers. They will focus on, and discuss in-depth, the development of smart retail, technological innovation, artificial intelligence and other hot topics.

Early online registration for both major events is encouraged for all
visitors. Please visit their official website:

CVS pre-registration:

To become a speaker/sponsor of this summit, please contact Shuree Shen at [email protected]

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Olea Kiosks DSE Next Week in Vegas

Digital Signage Expo 2018 and Olea Kiosks

March 17, 2018

Step into the world of Self-Service with Olea Kiosks at booth #1457.

Interact with our lineup of kiosk solutions and learn why kiosks are being deployed worldwide at record-pace.

Olea will also be showcasing part of our BRAND-NEW kiosk line, the Austin Series. Primed for QSR/Fast-Food, the modular solution is easy to drop into place and comes with everything you need to process cashless transactions in the most compliant and efficient manner. The lineup uses traditional POS devices which makes them a quick and welcome addition by your staff. The compact and elegant form factor keeps your brand at the cutting-edge of customer-pointed technology.

Different configurations of our Austin Freestanding Kiosk will be on display throughout the show with Olea Partners.  Stop by Shuttle Computer Group (#2754) and AOPEN America (#2912) to interact with additional demos and hardware options.

Olea Kiosks is a self-service industry leader with over 40 years of design, engineering, and manufacturing experience. We offer off-the-shelf kiosks, as well as fully custom kiosks to meet the needs of your brand and unique customer-base. Some of the companies we work and worked with include Kaiser Permanente, FedEx, Nike, CLEAR, and more.

Solutions for: Digital Signage, Wayfinding, QSR/Fast Food, Bill Payment, Check-In, Ticketing and more.

Call 800-927-8063 or email [email protected] to learn more or to schedule a visit to our booth.

Olea Announces the Launch of the New “Austin” Self Check-in and Order Kiosk

Sleek and modern the Austin Freestanding Check-In Kiosk can work in almost any environment.

The "Austin" Kiosk - Freestanding Patient Check-In Kiosk
Austin Free Standing Kiosk
for Check-in –
Click for full size

The Austin continues Olea’s mission to provide better kiosks through intelligent design. Providing flexible configuration options, the Austin was meticulously engineered to accommodate 15” or 22” All-in-One computers in Portrait or Landscape. Standard options include EMV terminal and POS-style receipt printer.

The wide array of transactional components housed in this sleek, feature-packed kiosk makes it one of the most powerful retail solutions available on the market. Its compact footprint and rugged security complement a variety of environments for companies that seek to improve ROI and user interaction in small spaces or high traffic areas.

Download the Austin Kiosk Data Sheet

Olea’s Innovative Digital Signage Kiosks

Milan Portrait Digital Signage Kiosk

Make an impact with the Milan kiosk. This stunning pedestal-style kiosk was developed for interactive digital signage applications, but due to its incredible adaptability, the Milan is well-suited for many other applications. Several high-grade digital-signage monitors built for 24/7, year round operation are available. This best-selling kiosk can accommodate virtually any single or multi-touch LCD monitor with the option to orient the display to portrait or landscape mode. Larger monitors allow deployers to split the screen for multiple applications, such as retail and wayfinding. Performance on a pedestal, the Milan can be configured with a large variety of peripherals, including thermal printers, media players, magnetic and smart card readers, proximity sensors and QR/barcode scanners.

Call 800-927-8063 or email [email protected] to learn more or to schedule a visit to our booth.

Contact Olea Kiosks today for more information

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Asia Vending Show CVS and the Official Satellite Show of EuroShop Debut ‘World of Retail’ Exhibition

Asia’s Largest Vending Show CVS and the Official Satellite Show of EuroShop Debut ‘World of Retail’ Exhibition

CVS and Subsidiary of Euroshop C-star Join Forces to Create an International Retail Exchange Platform with Over 200 Smart Retail Vendors, Offering One-stop Premium Retail Solutions Worldwide.

The 15th China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show
(CVS) – the second largest in the world – is the place to get all of
the resources you require to achieve your business goals and to
fulfil the needs of the entire convenience services industry.
Now with its collaboration with C-Star – Shanghai’s International
Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends All about Retail – the future of
retail is about to be reshaped. The World of Retail.

World of Retail

The two trade fairs will be held from April 26 to 28, 2018 at
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, concurrently with Hotel
Plus, with an expected turnout of over 200,000 trade visitors,
including industry professionals and consumers.

As the official satellite show of EuroShop, the world’s No.1 Retail
Trade Fair, C-star presents the latest developments in global retail

And after 15 of continuous growth, CVS is now recognised as the
industry’s most valuable self-service and retail trade fair.

This partnership will allow CVS and C-star to explore massive new
business opportunities, able to connect upstream and downstream
retail industries by integrating their resources, strengths, exhibitors
and audience relationship.

‘World of Retail’ will explore emerging industry trends, build the
best exchange platform through both online and offline channels for
manufacturers and retailers from home and abroad, and provide
quality and comprehensive solutions for retailers and buyers

Asia Retail Show

CVS 2018

The organizers expect to hold more than 200 exhibitors, featuring
many well-known global corporate brands, and emerging industry
players. Further, CVS comprehensively focuses on the smart retail
field by concurrently holding Shanghai Smart Retailing Show 2018
and Smart Retailing Summit Forum 2018, further expanding in
exhibition scale, integration of self-service and smart retail
resources and to create a cross-sector event.

C-star 2018

In addition, C-star 2018 International Retail Forum will be held
concurrently as a knowledge platform for the retail industry.
Themed ‘Retail, People-Oriented’, this forum connects domestic and
foreign retail experts, industry leaders, real estate developers,
shopping mall executives, retail brands and additional high-profile
speakers, to create the best platform for gaining new knowledge in
a wide spectrum of business areas.

C-Star Retail

A Glance of C-star Retail Show 2017

This partnership brings together both organizer’s resources, and
combines both parties’ strengths and industry clout to bring real
changes and innovations to the global retail business.

Early online registration for both major events is encouraged for all
visitors. Please visit their official website: CVS pre-registration

For further enquiries please contact:
Shuree Shen
[email protected]
+86 21 3339 2017

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Kiosk Tradeshow – China International Vending 2018

The China International Vending Show 2018 is Now Ready to Showcase the Newest Self-service Technologies and Products to the World

The China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show (CVS) 2018 is the place to get all of the resources you require to achieve your business goals and to fulflil the needs of the entire convenience services industry.

china vending showAt this premier event – the second largest in the world – you’ll discover new technologies, products and services from nearly 200 exhibitors, understand how to leverage emerging trends, and build a powerful network of industry allies to grow your businesses.

With our successful history and professional approach, the CVS continues to attract many domestic and foreign mainstream exhibitors.

Influential and Informed
The exhibition will showcase various products including self-service terminals and solutions, comprehensive vending systems, kiosks, currency identification systems, self-service printing equipment, mobile payment terminal equipment, smart card readers, coffee services, micro markets, vending machine related accessories and services.

It’s more than just machines though: We aim to present the newest technologies, host the most valuable tech communication forums and launch an international premium event with the largest influence in the self-service and  vending industry.

Retailing World
bingo kioskRetailing World is a tailor-made thematic exhibition that’s specially designed for the retail industry. This Pavilion hosts of five sectors including chain stores, retail design and equipment, self-service and devices, cleaning, and property management. Activities like road shows for brands, matchmaking for exhibitors and buyers, International retailing forums, the World Self-service Terminals Summit, and many others, will take place during the exhibition.

Additional Pavilions

There are three other thematic pavilions running concurrently: Hotel Supplies, Commercial Space and Leisure Boating. All these four pavilions together make up an integrated and comprehensive one-stop exhibition for commercial properties known as Hotel Plus (Hotelex Shanghai Phase II) in the Shanghai New Expo Center,
which has a total exhibition area of 200,000 sqm.
Debuted on April 26, 2017, the Exhibition accepted more than 2,000 corporate participants from 120 countries and recorded 136,622 visits over four days. Attendees were from various industries including self-service/vending, boating, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, engineering, technology, importing/exporting, entertainment, agriculture and many others.

Innovation and Inspiration

This year, we are hosting more exhibitors and expecting even more entrepreneurs who are looking for business opportunities. The once-yearly CVS is the first choice platform that easily helps them to explore the retail market, to analyze the latest market trends, to display the most up-to-date product information, and to collaborate on industrial insights regarding cutting-edge technology and relative services.

The 15th China Vending and Self-Service Show runs from 26th to 28th April 2018 (9am – 5:30pm).
N4, Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China

For more information please go to:

For further inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Shuree Shen
[email protected]
+8621 33392017

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IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017

iaapa tradeshow


Coming up next week.


Date and Location
Conference: November 13-17, 2017
Trade Show: November 14-17, 2017
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL, US
By the numbers:
32,000 Participants
120 Countries Represented
21,000 Attendee Buyers
1,100 Exhibitors
575,000 square feet of exhibits

Connect with buyers from:
Amusement parks, Theme parks, Attractions, Water parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Casino, Zoos, Aquariums, Resorts, Museums, Themed Entertainment, Party Rentals and much more!

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Conference – Marcus Evans Retail Forum in September Gold Coast

Retail Forum Conference Gold Coast Marcus Evans September 2017


The Retail Forum will bring together CMOs, digital and omni-channel retail directors, heads of customer experience and solution providers from leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand.


Taking place at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast on 11 – 12 September 2017; attendees will benefit from visionary keynote presentations, real-life case studies and interactive sessions!


Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Michele Fuhs, Head of Future Retail – Premium Retail Experience, BMW
  • Ryan Gracie, Head of Marketing, Catch Group
  • Martin Price, Head of Online, Target Australia
  • Julie Fedele, GM Customer Experience Strategy & Design, Bupa
  • Vanessa Rowed, Head of Marketing, Oporto Franchising
  • Dominic Byrne, Head of Digital at Coco Republic and eCommerce Manager for Max Sparrow
  • Rahul Asthana, Regional Marketing Director Baby & Child Care Digital & e-Commerce APAC, Kimberly-Clark
  • Angus McDonald, General Manager Multichannel, Supercheap Auto
  • Michael Donath, Head of Multichannel, Ikea Australia

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DSE Highlights 2017 Wrap with pictures and videos

DSE Highlights
Click for full image

The full 29 pics and videos are here.  Companies include Olea, Alveni, URway, Evolis, OptConnect, and Meridian. Also camera shots from Coates and more.

DSE Highlights

Here are some member video highlights from that collection.





SpinTouch software

For more information contact Kiosk Industry

DSE & Kiosk Industry – Let’s Get On With the Show!

DSE ShowDSE is right around the corner. Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening in the self-service arena.

By Richard Slawsky contributor

Although next week’s Digital Signage Expo doesn’t include kiosks in its name, self-service devices will play a prominent role in the show.

DSE, produced by Exponation LLC, is co-located with the Digital Content Show, and will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 28-31, with access to the Exhibit Hall March 29-30. The show is the world’s largest and oldest conference and trade show dedicated to showcasing digital display and interactive technology solutions. More than 200 exhibitors will be featuring technology and services ranging from the latest in displays, media players, software and networking devices to delivery methods, content and more. In addition, more than 75 conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions will held over the show’s four-day run.

Many of those exhibits and discussions will showcase self-service kiosks and associated technology.

“Kiosk technology fits perfectly with the direction of DSE,” said DSE show director Andrea Varrone. “We are seeing more and more adoption of self-service technology across all vertical markets, and in most cases this is the same buyer for digital signage technology.”

And along with some of the top names in the digital signage industry, many members of the Kiosk Industry Group will be in attendance as well. Here’s just a sampling of what will be on display.

Olea to showcase drive-thru kiosks

Olea Kiosks will be presenting publicly for the first time its new Detroit drive-thru kiosk, geared for the fast-food market.

“More than 70 percent of revenue for most QSRs comes from the drive-thru window, and with our Detroit, operators can expect even greater results,” said CEO Frank Olea.

“Our kiosk gets the customer’s order right every time, never is rude to a customer and always remembers to ask for the up-sell,” Olea said. “Some deployers of our previous drive-thru kiosk saw it drive a 15-percent revenue increase. What’s more, the Detroit has been engineered to be 30 percent more energy efficient while costing less than the unit it replaces.”

The company will also be showcasing its ticketing kiosk, Olea said.

ticketing kiosk
Click for full size

“We’re very proud of this unit,” Olea said. “The art deco aesthetic and reliable all-weather functionality have made it a hit at one of California’s most popular amusement parks, for example. We believe there is a strong future for ticketing kiosks, and this unit represents the leadership we’ve been able to bring to the segment.”

And finally, Olea will be demonstrating its Milan kiosks. Available with four different monitor sizes, each able to be mounted portrait or landscape, they excel at virtual reception, wayfinding, product information and more.

“The Elo touchscreens we integrate allow users to operate two applications at once,” Olea said. “For example, one part of the screen can show features of, say, a new lawn mower, while another part of the screen can show the user where to find it.”

Olea Kiosks will be headquartered at Booth 350 during the show.  For a video of the company capabilities click here.

Meridian eyes the EV charging market

Meridian is excited to be unveiling InterAct 2.0, our interactive digital signage solution,” said Stephanie Mewherter, marketing manager with the Aberdeen, N.C.-based manufacturer of kiosks, digital signage and related software. “InterAct 2.0 boasts a sleek, refined UI with integrated real-time weather information and additional levels of customization that were not available in version 1.0.”

The company will also be showing the most recent addition to its product lineup, EV Charging Stations. In conjunction with an expected increase in EV sales, the global EV Charger market is forecast to grow from more than 1 million units in 2014 to more than 12.7 million units in 2020, according to a new EV Charging Infrastructure report by IHS Inc. That promises to open an entirely new placement opportunity for kiosks and digital signage.

Meridian’s EV Charging Station includes a 240V, 32-Amp Level 2 EVSE with a 25-foot charging cable and a sleek, interactive or non-interactive touch screen. The company will be located at Booth S25 on the show floor.

Alveni to show some appetizing solutions

Austin, Texas-based kiosk solutions provider Alveni is showing its new ergonomic digital signage/kiosk, code named “Yuum,” a versatile product that can accommodate touchscreens ranging from 32” to 55” in either landscape or portrait mode. Options for Yuum include a credit card/chip reader, pin pad, 80mm printer and a barcode reader.

The kiosks are ideal for wayfinding, human resources applications, surveys, ticket or coupon printing and much more, according to Alveni’s website.

Alveni will be located at Booth S20 during the show.

Kiosks & touchscreens from URway

URway Holdings will be highlighting its EuroTouch Kiosks brand at DSE along with Elo Aio Touchscreens.

St. Petersburg, Fla.-based URway Holdings is a group of dynamic companies−OneSource Interactive, EuroTouch Kiosks, URway Kiosks & PicsWare−specializing in unique interactive self-service kiosks, interactive and passive digital displays, digital directory and wayfinding displays, mobile and tablet solutions, managed digital services and strategic consulting.

EuroTouch Kiosks offers some of the world’s most contemporary and highest-quality kiosks and dynamic signage products in the industry, including a comprehensive series of indoor and outdoor kiosk and dynamic signage products for the most design-conscious clients and from the most elegant environments to the most demanding environments.

URway Holdings will be showcasing its products at Booth S12

It’s in the cards for Evolis

French company Evolis plans to show its range of four new card personalization modules at DSE, catering to the growing need for unattended card issuance for use in markets including banking, retail, education and transit. Of those, its KC200 and KC200B models will fit the most compact kiosks, while the KM500B and KM2000B models will meet the need for higher autonomy and continuous availability.

The modules offer cost-effective solutions to enable instant issuance of personalized plastic cards into any type of self-service kiosks. Plastic cards are used around the globe for ID badges, payment cards, transit passes, access badges, loyalty cards, student ID cards, national ID cards and more.

Visit Evolis at Booth S19, or click here for an advanced glimpse of their products.

OptConnect makes the connection

One of the major trends that has occurred in kiosks and digital signage over the past few years is that those devices have become thinner and smaller. The shrinking of those devices has created an increasing need for a tiny cellular router.

Kaysville, Utah-based OptConnect addresses this need with OptConnect neo, an ultra compact yet fully capable router that easily fits in the palm of your hand. About the size of a pack of gum, the plug-and-play neo eliminates the need for kiosk manufacturers to engineer and certify their own cellular hardware or to develop software drivers to keep USB modems working. In addition, neo’s self-monitoring logic automatically restores the cellular connection if it is interrupted, ensuring devices remain online.

OptConnect will be demonstrating its products at Booth S13 on the show floor.

In case that’s not enough

And if these exhibitors weren’t enough to keep attendees busy, making its second appearance at DSE is the Self-Service Pavilion, which debuted in 2016 as an acknowledgement to the rising adoption of self-service kiosks, tablets and other freestanding interactive displays and the convergence of kiosk and digital signage technology.

The Kiosk Industry Group was a driving  force in getting the SSP established, and it would not have been possible without the support and direction of industry leaders such as Olea Kiosks and others.

One of the original “designers” of the pavilion is Craig Keefner who manages the Kiosk Industry Group. Craig worked with Andrea Varrone of DSE on configuration and pricing. “Self-service, transactional and interactive are the complementary technology partners for digital signs. It was a chance to expand the show audience while creating a new ‘Kiosk Show’ within it,” said Craig. “Our hope is that in the future we can help support a Kiosk Council for DSE that comprises the experts in the industry. We have meetings at DSE to discuss that very effort”.

“The Self Service Pavilion was implemented after the show organizers realized how quickly self-service kiosks, tablets and other freestanding interactive displays were being adopted by the digital signage market,” said Meridian’s Mewherter. “The Self-Service Pavilion is a “one-stop-shop” to see all of the latest and greatest self-service solutions on the market today.”

Self Service Technology was an obvious product category to include in the DSE universe, said DSE’s Varrone.

“We created a small version of this for 2016, and expanded it for 2017 which now includes around 25 exhibitors,” Varrone said. “We are expanding the Self-Service Pavilion in 2018 even further. I see this as a huge growth area for our typical attendees (End Users in verticals like QSR and Retail).”

Along with the continuing addition of self-service technology to the show, Varrone expects DSE to continue expanding going forward, offering more and more growth and innovation.

“We are seeing many more attendees from verticals that were not as strong in previous years such as Higher Education, Corporate Communication and Transportation,” Varrone said. “We are also seeing new players coming into the market as providers of technology, such as traditional sign giants now making the transition to digital.”

Click here for a list of DSE exhibitors and here for a map of the show floor.

Kiosk Industry Members at DSE exhibiting include:


For more information contact Kiosk Industry

Kiosk Tradeshow – Kiosk Summit North 2016

Kiosk Summit

Kiosk Summit North is the first in a series of two one-day conference focused events for the self service industry, taking place at strategic locations in the North and South of the U.K.

Kiosk Summit brings all of the industries thought leaders together in one place. Kiosk Summit consists of  education, networking and debate. It will providean open forum for deployers, integrators and users of self service technologies to be inspired by and learn from the best in the business.


 For more information visit

Benefits of attending

  • See what’s new in the industry and keep up to date with latest innovations and technologies
  • Catch up with your current suppliers and meet new ones – all in one day saving precious time
  • Find new partners and business opportunities
  • Network with your peers from other organisations – make use of our networking lounge
  • Be part of the latest thinking and share the experience of other organisations’ experience
  • Find ways of saving money and developing your business
  • Visit the exhibition of leading vendors

The Venue

The Legends Suite

Take conferences and seminars to the next level with this contemporary stylish suites and outstanding facilities.

Getting here

Etihad Stadium is located toward the east of Manchester at about 1.5 miles from Manchester’s city centre and slightly less from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

By Car

Arriving by car, the stadium can be best reached from the M60 (running east from the city). Take either junction 22 or 24, and drive east towards the city centre. From there on, follow the signs for Sportcity.

The Etihad Stadium has over 2,500 car parking spaces available for delegates to utilise which are all free of charge.


Our dedicated tram stop, Etihad Campus is located adjacent to the Stadium, beside City Square. Metrolink runs from the city centre incl. Manchester Piccadilly station to Etihad Campus and on towards Ashton. The journey time from Piccadilly is less than 10-minutes.

By Bus

Catch either a 216 or 231 from Piccadilly Gardens bus station, at Stand C.


There is a safe, well lit and signposted walking route available from Manchester Piccadilly Station. Signage will direct you along the route. Please follow the ‘City Link’ signs. It will take approximately 25-minutes to walk to the Etihad Stadium from the city centre.

For more information contact Kiosk Industry

DSE Wrap Post

DSE Wrap – includes photos and comments on this year as well as last years show.


DSE is largest digital signage show. This year there seven Kiosk Industry members at the show.

For more information contact Kiosk Industry

DSE Wrap

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) iheld at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas says it is the world’s largest and longest running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications for customer- and employee-facing organizations.

From all the reports (listed below in pictures and comments) the show beat expectations.  The show may have been a hair smaller than last year (we are still getting numbers) but the impressions of the leads (who cares about anything else.. 🙂 is that it was very worthwhile.  The Self-Service Pavilion did not sell out and towards the side and somewhat disappointing but changes for next year include tripling the size of it and placing it in center of floor.  Several prominent companies have already signed up the best booths there for 2017 (22Miles & Premio example given).

This inaugural year for us to support DSE there were several members at the show including Olea, OptConnectURway, Parabit, DynaTouch, KioWare and Unattended Card Payments. And DSE this year launched the Self-Service pavilion which were 12 modular booths 5×7 and completely turnkey. URway and UCP participated in those booths.  215 exhibitors total for the show in 2016.

For 2017 they’ve moved the SSP in the center of show and have expanded it to 24 of the turnkeys + a couple of large booths. Coming into the show you still run the “gauntlet” of LG, Samsung and NEC.  Four Winds has moved up and also LG-MRI.  The entire show is larger in 2017 though I see 98 exhibitors signed up (which is good).

Below in images, videos, links and text are points of interest as they say for the show that we saw.


Olea Kiosks Digital Signage
Olea Kiosks booth at DSE. Some nice units. Click to expand.
Click to expand image
URway Holdings at DSE – Click to expand image
URway (and KioWare) at DSE. Click to expand image.
URway (and KioWare) at DSE. Click to expand image.
Optconnect digital signage
DSE and OptConnect – click to expand image
Click to expand
Parabit — Click to expand


DSE KioWare, Vidyo and Olea - click to expand image
DSE KioWare, Vidyo and Olea – click to expand image



Parabit DSE - click to expand image
Parabit DSE – click to expand image


Excerpt from Daily Dooh

Walking the floor on the first day of #dse2016, one of the first things we’ve noticed is the total absence of Christie, which most years stands out with a major booth and often has its products and partners front and centre.

Combined with the fact that Scala doesn’t have its own booth – although is visible with various partners and CEO Tom Nix is very much present, and NanoLumens has only a meeting room (although more on that later), the show seems somewhat smaller this year.

Perhaps quieter, too, although that may be because, even though there are some very nice individual products, everybody is offering 4K so nothing has yet – I stress yet – struck me as the ‘next big thing’.

We’ve heard people say that the show seemed quieter this year, heard others say that they hadn’t yet found what they’ve been looking for, while we’ve heard more wax enthusiastically about the show being really great and that they’re doing lots of business. Guess it just depends what you are looking for!

So let’s go see what day two brings!

Four Winds Interact
From Leah Saugen with FWi – We had a fantastic show and the traffic was non-stop! We debuted FWI’s Mobile Workforce and had the opportunity to share this with a large number of attendees. We also showcased all of our latest and greatest applications and hosted several demo’s at our new demo bar. We captured literally hundreds of new leads (people we hadn’t previously had contact with) and met with several of our current customers and contacts.


Here is another one that shows units that friend of mine did for 22Mile



Comments on the Show from DynaTouch

Hey Craig,

Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up at DSE – you probably mentioned that you had decided to opt out, and it was me that forgot!

Thanks for the suggestions.  We had a good visit with Louise Janeway, Rob Chilcoat’s UK colleague, and I’m following up with Rob post show.   And a great visit with Ed Crowley, too – he still has a lot going with URway, EuroTouch and OneSource Interactive.  Definitely a good time talking about the good old days and acquaintances.

Saw some interesting stuff from Actineon, Shuttle and Advantech.  And Elo with their new EloView software.

We were demo’ing our stuff in Olea’s booth, next to KioWare.  Very interesting show, and VERY well attended.  Overall a good experience.  Glad we went.

For more information contact Kiosk Industry

5 keys for surviving Digital Signage Expo

At the Digital Signage Expo, visitors will get to see the new Self-Service Pavilion, which will display a number of kiosks and interactive displays. However, with all the activity, DSE can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your visit.


For more information contact Kiosk Industry